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Genesys Cloud CX Integrations To Improve Support Quality

Automation7 MIN READSep 19, 2023

Genesys integrations explained.


Genesys Cloud CX is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes manage customer interactions. No matter if you serve customers over the phone, through chat, email, or even social media — Genesys Cloud helps you provide better support, keep track of conversations, and solve problems more efficiently.

Genesys has plenty of features that can help you improve support quality. Then, for everything else that might be outside of the built-in functionality, you can leverage Genesys Cloud CX integrations listed in Genesys AppFoundry.

What are Genesys integrations?

Genesys Cloud CX integrations are ways to connect the Genesys Cloud CX platform with other software tools you might be using — or you’re about to. For example:

  • Quality assurance software: Integrate Genesys Cloud with a quality assurance platform to have a complete picture of your support quality, and improve it with time.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: Genesys Cloud integrates with popular CRM tools, allowing you to align your sales and support efforts by sharing customer data between the systems.
  • Workforce management tools: WFM software optimizes staff scheduling, forecasting, and overall labor needs for customer service operations. Connect it with Genesys Cloud to make sure you have the right number of customer service agents available at the right times to handle all customer interactions.
  • Productivity tools: Genesys customers can easily add a variety of tools that let customer service agents collaborate and get more done.
  • Data analytics software: Connect Genesys Cloud with apps that help you understand customer behavior and how well your customer service team is doing.

The idea is to make managing all aspects of customer interactions and data easier in one unified space. But, the tough part is that there are many tools to choose from. One look at Genesys AppFoundry, and you might get a little overwhelmed.

Klaus presents Genesys integrations.

The best Genesys Cloud integrations

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of the best Genesys Cloud integrations that every contact center needs to improve support quality, productivity, and business results:

Genesys Cloud x Klaus

Klaus is a quality management solution that helps companies drive revenue through excellent customer service. It’s the only proper plug-and-play QA solution, offering instant access to AI-powered insights. 

When you integrate both tools, you’ll be able to quickly pull customer interactions from Genesys to Klaus. You can then design custom QA scorecards based on your company’s quality standards, choose the tickets you want to review (or use AI to pinpoint problematic cases) and leverage AutoQA to have all the support conversations evaluated automatically.

Connect Genesys Cloud with Klaus to:

  • Access a plug-and-play QA solution that scales with you
  • Establish an automated quality assurance process
  • Utilize AI-driven features like AutoQA, Spotlight, and Sentiment analysis

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Genesys Cloud x Salesforce

If you’re using both Salesforce to manage customer data and Genesys Cloud CX for unified communications, integrating the two will allow customer service agents to see relevant customer information from Salesforce right within the Genesys interface. This makes it easier for agents to provide personalized service because they have all the information they need in one place.

By integrating Genesys Cloud with Salesforce, you’re not just enhancing your cloud-based contact center with powerful tools; you’re ensuring these tools are optimized to work seamlessly together.

Designed to work across all communication platforms, Genesys Cloud for Salesforce:

  • Streamlines customer interactions whether they occur via phone, email, or chat
  • Offers built-in call features, quick dialing options, outbound campaigns, screen pops, and presence management, just to name a few

Genesys and Salesforce integration.

Genesys Cloud x Time Doctor

No matter if your contact center is fully in-office, remote, or hybrid, Time Doctor’s automated time tracking and workday analytics can enhance transparency, accountability, and team performance.

Companies and contact centers around the globe use Time Doctor to achieve greater profitability, flexibility, and accountability, witnessing an average productivity increase of 30% among their agents.

Integrate Genesys Cloud with Time Doctor to:

  • Automate work schedule creation while monitoring attendance and timeliness
  • Free agents from manual time tracking, all while respecting their privacy
  • Gain insights into workflow habits and agents’ idle time

Genesys and TimeDoctor integration.

Genesys Cloud x Slack

Connecting our contact center with Slack messaging and Tableau business intelligence — as well as in-house call scripting and CRM systems — was massive. Now, if we aren’t meeting a certain metric or fall below a staffing threshold, the system immediately alerts our managers via Slack and we jump on it right away. Because of the ease of working with Genesys Cloud CX, if we ask IT if they can do something, the answer’s usually ‘Yes’.
Jackie Gonzalez
Jackie Gonzalez
CEO, Operations PATLive

Slack is a productivity tool that facilitates team communication and collaboration. The Developer Blueprint from Genesys Cloud facilitates integration with Slack, using open messaging to enable agents to interact with customers directly through Slack. The integration supports communication via both app mentions and direct messages.

Connect Genesys Cloud with Slack to:

  • Create dedicated channels to receive real-time alerts whenever an important event has occurred
  • Respond instantly to customers or just keep up to date by receiving notifications when needed

Genesys and Slack integration.

Genesys Cloud x Emite

Emite is the go-to platform for customer experience (CX) intelligence. With its ability to integrate data from multiple sources, including Genesys products and other third-party solutions like Salesforce or Zendesk, Emite offers a complete view of your customer interactions.

Integrate Genesys Cloud with Emite to:

  • Use sentiment and speech-to-text analytics to quickly identify areas for improvement in both customer and employee experiences
  • Save time on administrative tasks with Emite’s efficient processes, allowing focus on more crucial business activities
  • Promote inter-departmental collaboration by automating the sharing of information across your entire organization with Emite

Genesys and Emite integration.

Optimizing contact center performance with Genesys Cloud integrations

The modern contact center demands a unified approach to customer interactions across various channels and tools. Luckily, Genesys Cloud CX provides a robust platform that can be extended and enriched through different integrations you can find in Genesys AppFoundry.

Whether it’s quality assurance through Klaus, time management with Time Doctor, or real-time alerts and team communication through Slack, Genesys Cloud CX integrations add layers of functionality that enable your contact center to thrive.

If you’re looking to boost your contact center’s efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction, leveraging the power of Genesys Cloud CX and its diverse range of integrations is a smart move. Don’t just stop at the built-in features; explore these integrations to realize the full potential of your customer support capabilities.

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