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Top Call Center QA Tools For Quality Monitoring

Quality assurance10 MIN READNov 12, 2020

Top Call Center QA Tools For Quality Monitoring


A company’s call center representatives often serve as the “face” of the organization to customers. They can have a huge impact on the brand’s reputation, for better or worse. For this reason, successful companies invest in quality assurance initiatives to make sure that their reps are always putting “their best foot forward.” Call center QA tools are an essential component of any such initiative.

An effective call center quality monitoring program can:

  • enable managers to identify specific areas of opportunity for both individual employees and their team as a whole
  • reduce operational costs
  • increase sales
  • deliver an enhanced customer experience

Since these call center assessment tools are vital contributors to the company’s overall success, it comes as no surprise that there are several options on the market today. The following overview lists 10 of the top call center QA tools that you may want to investigate as you decide how best to optimize your coaching process.



Klaus is a call center quality management platform that makes monitoring call center activity easy, intuitive, and systematic. Use AI-driven features to review the conversations that matter, coach with precision, and understand your support help desk inside out. Klaus cuts time spent on call center quality assurance by 70%. Boost agent performance and, ultimately, customer satisfaction scores.

✨ This QA system is used by companies like Wistia, PandaDoc, Epic Games, and many others. It connects seamlessly with dozens of popular platforms, such as Aircall, Talkdesk, Zendesk, and Salesforce.



Avoxi is a flexible and user-friendly call center quality monitoring software. It allows you to gain real-time visibility into your agents’ interactions with customers, track call quality outcomes with advanced analytics, perform agent scoring, and utilize more other call management features.

✨ Avoxi’s software lets you play call recordings in your browser, or download the files onto your mobile device. It provides users with features such as custom disposition labels, call quality reports, and progress tracking. It also includes call management functionalities like ACD, IVR, and call queueing. You don’t need to pay any setup fees or sign a long-term contract to implement Avoxi’s solution, and can even test out the software with a free trial.



Evaluagent is a cloud-based quality and improvement platform. It allows you to generate detailed reports, quickly identify and highlight areas for improvement, and score individual agent-customer interactions, all in one easily accessible location.

✨ Evaluagent also offers a partner program to qualifying influencers and consultants. These partners promote Evaluagent’s product to peers, followers, and others, and earn a hefty commission through referrals or hands-on reselling.



Talkdesk CX Cloud™ is an end-to-end contact center solution that can deliver everything you need to leverage customer experience as a competitive edge while maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing cost. Talkdesk’s platform is easy to deploy and is so intuitive that call center reps can get started with very little training if any. At the same time, administrators and managers are able to make continuous improvements as they coach agents on how to implement best practices.

✨ Talkdesk also includes out-of-the-box integrations with over 60 customer relationship management (CRM) systems, as well as the customer support industry’s first contact center app store, AppConnect, which includes quick access to 50+ contact center productivity apps. Talkdesk has helped scores of customers to increase agent productivity and reduce operational costs. For instance, Xenial increased its first call resolution by 17x with Talkdesk.

Learn more: Talkdesk and Klaus Integration for A-meow-zing Contact Center Quality



CloudTalk is a remote-ready business phone solution that allows you to run and manage your virtual call center from anywhere in the world. CloudTalk’s solution can scale to the needs and size of your business and allows you to maintain a local presence while utilizing an international phone number. CloudTalk also features advanced call center analytics, which enables you to track your team’s performance in real-time and provide feedback as needed.

✨ CloudTalk enables users to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere, whether it’s through a browser on a desktop or through one of CloudTalk’s mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet. In fact, the CloudTalk team uses CloudTalk while handling remote work.



Genesys is a Cloud-based call center software solution that includes all of the operational essentials as built-in elements. These include inbound and outbound features such as call routing, IVR, email, chat, messaging, screen share, analytics, and so on. Genesys’ DevOps model allows the introduction of updated functionalities with a minimum of hassle. The platform enables agents and managers to solve problems more quickly, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs.

✨ The Genesys solution was specially designed for smooth “channel surfing” between different platforms — phone, email, chat, social media, etc. The software allows you to interact with customers across all channels, and provide them with a world-class experience. These capabilities are all consolidated into a single point of access for maximum efficiency.



FreshCaller is a 100% Cloud-based phone platform that comes without any hardware, downloads, or maintenance costs. It features versatile number management and enables users to either port their current numbers or purchase numbers from over 90+ countries. The FreshCaller platform also allows for advanced inbound and call routing capabilities, including call queueing and IVR. Supervisors can monitor calls in real-time, and even “barge in” during important conversations.

✨ FreshCaller’s pricing options are unique since plans include not only the base subscription cost but also the cost that users must pay for phone usage per minute. The pay-per-minute costs vary according to the agent’s location, phone number, and whether calls are attended on the phone or browser.

Bright Pattern


Bright Pattern is an AI-powered quality assurance contact center software solution. It allows call center managers to proactively monitor agent-customer interactions, gain insights into effective improvement strategies, and then provide coaching on how to implement best practices for better outcomes in the future. Bright Pattern ensures a high level of service quality and top-notch agent performance on any channel. 

✨ Bright Pattern’s OmniQM platform can help you guarantee high customer service quality on a wide range of channels, including voice, video, live chat, SMS, messenger apps, and more. Bright Pattern’s unified agent desktop solution also facilitates communication with the end-user throughout their entire customer journey.



Scorebuddy is an all-in-one Quality Software for Contact Centers. Find – Fix – Measure: Eliminate spreadsheets, collect customer sentiment, and improve agent performance by accurately & consistently discover the root cause of quality issues using flexible scorecards.

✨ Scorebuddy allows making the connection among quality, customer sentiment, and training outcomes using data visualization.

Check out this list of best Scorebuddy alternatives and competitors.



CallSource offers an advanced technology platform focused on optimizing performance coaching and implementing responsive customer service. Its call management and performance management capabilities enable you to track, monitor, and record calls in order to assess areas of opportunity and provide helpful feedback to agents. The CallSource solution has also helped many companies to increase sales, optimize their reporting processes, and increase their marketing ROI.

✨ CallSource works well with businesses of all sizes. They partner with multi-million dollar corporations like Toyota, as well as small to mid-sized businesses like Taylor Heating & Cooling.

Finding the Right Call Center QA Solution for Your Business

There is a wide range of call center quality management solutions available on the market today. The 10 options discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Of course, the main consideration when deciding which platform to use should be the specific needs, circumstances, and objectives of your business. It may take some time to determine which solution is the best match for your company. For that reason, it may be wise to test out several call center QA tools on a trial basis before committing to one option in particular.

You may want to ask yourself what you want out of the software:

  • What features are essential to your call center’s success?
  • What can you do without?
  • Is it intuitive and user-friendly?
  • How much time and effort does it take to set up?
  • What do reviews say?
  • How does the pricing work?

The more you know before you choose the right call center quality assurance software for your team, the better. 

With the right call center quality management solution in hand, you’ll no doubt see favorable results right away. Your customers will enjoy a better experience, and more satisfaction with the service provided, your call center agents will be more productive, and your operations managers will be able to provide highly targeted feedback as they coach team members toward best practices during each interaction.

Bonus: Life in a Contact Center Podcast

We talked with Ahmad Baydoun, Operations Manager at a leading customer experience management company. Ahmad started his journey in the company 11 years ago in a level one position, working as an agent. In the following years, he grew in the position and took on many different roles before realizing that quality is his favorite part of customer service. (Us too, Ahmad…)

Today Ahmad works on quality with the operations team. The company operates in more than 80 countries and has around 430 contact centers. Within the 330,000 (!) person company, Ahmad leads an account for 500+ employees. Pretty impressive, huh?

What an endless pool of contact center experience we have at our disposal! Let’s dive into it right meow.

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