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Say Hello to Disputes

The best QA process is a two-way conversation. Agents can now dispute any scores or request further explanation.
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Sometimes, your agents are not happy with their received ratings, and they may ask for additional explanations or wish to dispute the review altogether. So far, a workaround involving hashtags and mentions has been available to help you out.

We’ve made staying on top of disputes much more efficient and accessible by introducing a central way to handle them within Klaus.

Dispute a review

From now on, agents can easily suggest the ratings they feel they deserve and leave a mandatory comment for the reviewer for further explanations. Furthermore, besides the review itself, the agent can suggest another user who should have received the rating if deemed necessary.

Additionally, the dispute can be sent to the initial reviewer or escalated to someone else.

Once the dispute has been submitted, the reviewer will be able to either accept or reject the dispute.

You can easily find all the disputes accessible to you in the Conversations view. Filter out any open disputes, or focus on the ones submitted by you or for you instead.

Disputes dashboard

You can easily find all the most essential details about disputes on your dashboard.

Find out who’s disputing the most, which reviews or categories are being disputed, and how successful these disputes are.

Disputes are available on Professional and Advanced plans.

Learn more about how Disputes work here >

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