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Klaus’ CSAT Is Out of The Bag

Feb 24, 2022
Klaus’ CSAT solution has everything you need on your way to a 100% CSAT score: personalization, categorization, and great response rates.
Klaus CSAT Survey

Running an effective QA process is key to improving the quality of the customer experience you’re offering. So naturally, asking your customers for feedback on your performance plays a vital role in understanding if you’re on the right track.

To keep it all under one roof, we’ve introduced a new member to our support quality powerhouse: Klaus’ CSAT!

Personalized surveys

Tailor every aspect of your survey to match your brand and customers:

  • Modify the email content, including the subject line and survey question
  • Stay true to branding with your colors and logo
  • Choose a rating scale that you’d like to use
  • Determine who gets the survey and when
  • Add a custom thank you message


CSAT dashboard

Set targets, analyze results, and capture trends

Keep an eye on your overall CSAT, monitor survey progress, and use filters to dive deeper into data to find the most substantial learning opportunities on Klaus’ CSAT dashboard.

Whether you’re trying to improve response rates, identify underperforming agents, spot trends, or anything in between, the CSAT dashboard will answer all your questions.

What’s best – combined with internal quality reviews and coaching, it will serve as your one-stop-shop to not only better understand your support quality, but to actually improve it.

img-csat-dashboard@2x (1)

Automatic comment categorization

Whereas your CSAT score provides an overall practical understanding of how satisfied your customers are with your services, the most insightful part about why a score was given often lies in the additional written feedback.

Unfortunately, analyzing what drives customer satisfaction and what brings it down often includes the time-consuming step of manually categorizing these comments. Luckily, we complete this step for you when using Klaus to analyze your CSAT data.

Our out-of-the-box AI solution automatically understands and picks up patterns in the free text comments and tags them under pre-set categories on Klaus’ CSAT dashboard – without requiring any extra effort from you.

This way, you can use your human intelligence for what it’s meant for – focus on and understand more complex insights that really matter.

At present, we categorize the comments into the following categories:

  • General praise
  • Praise for good support
  • Praise for speed
  • Thanks
  • Issue solved
  • Complaint about not being helped
  • Account issues
  • Refund issues

Currently, it is not possible to modify or remove the given tags.

While packing lengthier feedback into a single category is difficult, we’ve added the option to identify more insightful comments based on their length instead:

  • Bitesize
  • Midsize
  • Lengthy
  • Extended

Most CSAT comments are concise – a quarter of the comments consist only of one word. So whenever a customer makes an effort by giving you more wordy feedback, you’ll be able to recognize it quickly.

And while comments made purely out of emojis may not offer much insight into how to improve or why the score was given, our AI automatically categorizes such feedback as ‘Only emojis’.

Learn more about Klaus’ CSAT here >

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