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Introducing Coaching Sessions

Jan 24, 2022
Spot knowledge gaps, identify recurring issues and improve agent performance with Klaus' new data-driven Coaching Sessions.
Klaus coaching sessions

Klaus’ Coaching sessions combine all the data and functionality you need for building a team of experts. Get thorough insights into your agent’s performance and progress, keep track of past and planned sessions, related discussion points, and actionable next steps – all in one place.

Coaching overview

In the overall Coaching view, you can easily keep track of all your scheduled sessions. And, more importantly, you can identify which agents need the most help and readily plan a coaching session to guide them in the right direction.

Customer service team coaching

Session overview

In the session’s view, you can see which areas could use some improvement in more detail. Review the agent’s performance metrics, category ratings, quiz results, and any feedback they’ve received on their conversations.

Additionally, you can see all the pinned items and conversations related to the agent, ready to be added to a session as separate discussion points.

During the session, note down what was discussed and assign action items, so both you and the agent know exactly what needs to be done next

All sessions are always private between the coaching pair.

Learn more about how Coaching sessions work here >

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