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Introducing Calibration 2.0

Keep your team on the same page and ensure everyone receives consistent and unbiased feedback with Klaus’ updated Calibration sessions.

Quality assurance has become the name of the game for support leaders looking to bring their teams to another level and improve their customer satisfaction. Especially with expectations for great customer experiences continuously on the rise.

Fine-tuning QA processes and supporting your team with regular feedback are integral to hitting the CX jackpot. Throughout, it’s essential to manage internal expectations and ensure everyone stays on the same page regarding how all customer interactions should be handled and evaluated.

Regularly comparing your reviewer’s rating techniques and assessments assure your support reps receive the same quality of unbiased and consistent feedback regardless of who reviewed their conversations.

In addition to finding misalignment between reviewers, calibration helps identify categories that are hard to score, keep your scorecards up-to-date, and improve internal processes along the way.

We’ve revamped Klaus’ calibration sessions to make staying aligned easier. Schedule sessions, leave calibration reviews, and review results on a dedicated dashboard – available within your main Klaus account.

Klaus' updated Calibration sessions

Calibration sessions moved in-house

Easy setup and updated settings

With Klaus’ calibration moving into your main account, using workarounds and duplicating data have become a thing of the past.

Easily activate the sessions under your workspace’s ‘Calibration’ menu settings. Additionally, ensure given calibration reviews are unbiased by modifying the visibility settings for your workspace reviewers and managers.

Klaus' Calibration settings

Creating calibration sessions

You can find all you need for successful calibration sessions under the ‘Conversations’ view.

Just like with regular conversation reviews, you can easily filter out and focus on more insightful conversations to calibrate.

Klaus' calibration review view

Then, add relevant conversations to active calibration sessions by clicking on the calibration icon in the header of the conversation view.

In addition to working with the same logic, conversations, and scorecard setup as for regular reviews, it’s also possible to set a baseline score for your calibration reviews.

Having a measurable baseline helps you choose which differences in your reviewer’s ratings deserve attention and which ones are okay to leave unnoticed.

Dedicated calibration dashboard

Until now, reporting for calibration was done on ticket level, offering no good way to really compare the results. The good news is that you can now review the session outcome on a dedicated calibration dashboard.

Klaus' calibration dashboard

And not to worry, the dashboard data is accessible only to relevant workspace managers and reviewers.

Learn more about how to set up Calibration for your account >

Calibration is available on Klaus’ Pro and Advanced plans.

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