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Stay en route to Qualityville with Klaus’ Updated Calibration Sessions

Keep your team on the same page and ensure everyone receives consistent and unbiased feedback with Klaus’ updated Calibration sessions.
Successful Support QA Calibration

Keeping your entire support team on the same page is one of the biggest challenges to providing great customer experiences at scale. 

Hence, it’s essential to support your agents with regular feedback. This will ensure everyone stays aligned on how customer interactions should be best handled.

But it’s also equally important to make sure that this feedback remains consistent and unbiased no matter who is doing the conversation reviews. 

How do you go about that?

Book your ticket to Qualityville with Klaus’ revamped calibration sessions where you can:

  • Schedule and have a clear overview of all past & active sessions.  
  • Work with the same conversations, filters, and scorecard setup as regular reviews.
  • Control and modify visibility settings to ensure your calibration reviews stay unbiased.
  • Keep track of your progress and compare results on a dedicated calibration dashboard.

Klaus' updated Calibration sessions

Calibration sessions moved in-house

Easy setup and updated settings

With Klaus’ calibration moving into your main account, using workarounds and duplicating data have become a thing of the past.

Easily activate the sessions under your workspace’s ‘Calibration’ menu settings. Additionally, ensure given calibration reviews are unbiased by modifying the visibility settings for your workspace reviewers and managers.

Klaus' Calibration settings

Creating calibration sessions

You can find all you need for successful calibration sessions under the ‘Conversations’ view.

Just like with your regular conversation reviews, you can easily filter out and focus on the most insightful conversations to calibrate.

Klaus' calibration review view

Then, add relevant conversations to active calibration sessions by clicking on the calibration icon in the header of the conversation view.

Once you’ve selected the conversations and added them to an active session, doing the actual calibration reviews will be seamless since the logic and scorecard setup mirrors the one you’ll be using for your regular reviews. 

Additionally, you’ll also be able to set a baseline score for your calibration reviews which will come in handy when choosing which differences in your calibration ratings deserve further attention and which ones are okay to ignore.

Dedicated calibration dashboard

Until now, reporting for calibration was done on a ticket level, offering no good way to compare the results on a larger scale. Well, not anymore. 

You’ll now be able to review all your session outcomes on a dedicated calibration dashboard. Making the process of identifying hard-to-score categories or misalignments between reviewers easier than ever before. 

Klaus' calibration dashboard

Once you’ve had the chance to discuss the results together, you can follow this up by making tweaks to your scorecard to ensure it’s up-to-date – or change your internal processes depending on your calibration goals. 

And don’t worry, the calibration reviews do not affect your team’s IQS in any way. Nor will the dashboard data be visible to your agents.

Alright mate, it’s time to calibrate!

Elvis Presley once sang, “A little less conversation, a little more action.” 

But, our resident vocalist vo-cat-ist, Elvis Purrsley prefers “A little more conversation (reviews) and some calibration.” This should also be your go-to song if you want to:

  • keep your scorecards up-to-date
  • optimize your internal processes 
  • provide useful and unbiased feedback to your agents

All of these ultimately improve your chances of becoming the Mayor of Qualityville and delivering your customers with the best experiences pawsible!


Learn more about how to set up Calibration for your account >

Calibration is available on Klaus’ Pro and Advanced plans.

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