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No More Manual Work with the All-New Review Assignments

Set up review assignments automatically and gain full visibility into goal completions without spreadsheets or reminders.

You already know that regular conversation reviews are a great way to raise the bar for your customer service quality. 

But manually setting them up each time can be…erm… a bit of a hassle.

So our team of robot cats decided to take the man out of manual and automated the entire process for you.  

With the all-new Review Assignments feature, you can set up assignments automatically and gain full visibility into goal completions without spreadsheets or reminders. 

Set up your conversation reviews in litter-ally seconds 

You set up a reminder so you don’t forget. And perhaps another reminder just to set the reminder.

Then you go back-and-forth with your team to decide who’s going to be doing the reviews and how many.   

Your reward? A few more hours wrestling with spreadsheets and checking your notes just to allocate the conversations. 

Well, not anymore. With automated Review Assignments, you can set up the entire conversation review process in litter-ally seconds:

Review Assignments - Klaus

  1. Choose how often you’d like your team to do the reviews. 
  2. Assign them to the folks that will be in charge of the reviews such as your QA specialists or team leads.
  3. Define whose conversations they should be reviewing. You can even set the assignment up as peer reviews.
  4. Decide how many reviews you’d like your team to complete within an allocated time period. 
  5. Add any relevant conditions, such as making sure your team will review only conversations from the past couple of weeks. 
  6. Give it a name and you’re done! 

Six short steps and you’re golden. Each cycle reviews are automatically generated: simply set it up once and forget all about it while it works for you on autopilot.

Gain full visibility into how your review goals are being met

Another issue with the manual process was after all the time and effort you spent setting it up, you still had no idea if your reviewers were meeting their review goals or not. 

But with the new Assignments Dashboard, your life has just become a whole lot easier. 

Now, reviewers can keep track of their review goals and work their way through the conversations that have automatically been assigned to them. 

Review Assignments Dashboard

And, instead of constantly asking reviewers or setting reminders to check how many reviews are done, a quick glance at the Assignments Dashboard will tell you exactly how they’re progressing towards their review goals. 

Give Assignments a spin today! 

  • ditch reminders and spreadsheets,
  • eliminate the need for unnecessary back and forths with your team,
  • and get a complete overview of review goals and if they’re being met.

Making the conversation review process from start to finish an absolute cinch!

So, give it a whirl and go use this newfound free time on reading a book, cat-ching up on some Netflix, or just staring into the abyss for hours on end. We’re not gonna judge.

Klaus Feature Launch

The Assignments workflow is available in the Professional and Advanced plans. 

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