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Klaus and babelforce Join Forces! A Partnership for Contact Center Excellence

Quality management4 MIN READNov 20, 2023

Klaus calls babelforce to partner up


Teaming up to make excellent contact center support even easier, introducing an alliance to be reckoned with: Klaus and babelforce.

If you are an enterprise company looking to understand your support better and take control of your CX, our combined strengths will play right into your favor. 

A Klaus and babelforce alliance is grounded in the shared commitment to making customers happy. Want to strengthen your contact center? By integrating a powerful omnichannel platform with our expertise in quality assurance, you can take your customer support quality to the next level with the tools and tech required to exceed modern customer expectations.

Get more furrmiliar with what we can do for you: 

  • babelforce: contact center solution for organizations that want to take control of CX
  • Klaus: Support quality management with AI & automation

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Klaus saying 'let's take a tou'

Let’s let babelforce introduce themselves

babelforce helps businesses craft deeper connections with customers. They are the solution for organizations that want to take control of CX while achieving incredible business benefits.

Founded in Berlin in 2013, babelforce is a unique omnichannel platform offering Enterprise Contact Contact Center deployment and configurable voiceBots. 

Babelforce product

How to modernize your support with babelforce: 

  •  Automate up to 90% of routine tasks
  •  Deploy voiceBots in 70+ languages
  •  Go live in under 8 weeks
  •  Reach net benefit of €5 million per 50 agents


babelforce call flow builder

Put CX in the hands of people who live and breathe it every day.

  • Intuitive visual tools
  • No coding required

babelforce dashboard

Now let’s talk Klaus

Since you’re on our blog already, you may be aware that we’re a quality management software. 

Companies like Wise, Bolt, and Universal Music Group use us to review & analyze their support interactions. Klaus can help you improve quality easily & systematically with the help of AI and automation.

Introduce automated quality assurance for a comprehensive overview of ALL support interactions. AutoQA can take the lead to offer effortless insights into omnichannel performance and training requirements.

Klaus AutoQA dashboard - 1

Boost team productivity through automated review assignments and goal setting. Pinpoint underlying issues through focused root cause analysis, and speed up call center quality assurance with the efficiency of speech-to-text capabilities.

Klaus Coaching view with new navigation

Identify underperforming agents and elevate every member of your team to peak performance through impactful coaching initiatives. Easily incorporate customer feedback into this analysis, with Klaus’ AI-powered feedback surveys.

KlausGPT in Klaus CSAT survey


Combined, babelforce and Klaus can help make it easy for your agents to handle every interaction with speed and expertise. At the end of the day, it’s about making every customer happy.

Want to find out more? 

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Medea Margania
One of Klaus' first employees, Medea manages partnerships at Klaus with expurrt skill. You can find her among the Swiss Alps.

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