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Wannabe 25: When Customers Really Wanna Zigazig Ah

Customer service4 MIN READJun 9, 2021

Spice Girls Wannabe 25 feat Klaus


If there’s one thing that we’re more obsessed about than support quality, it’s Spice Girls for sure. 

If we hadn’t figured out how to boost customer satisfaction through quality reviews, we’d probably be creating covers of the girl band’s evergreen hits.

And if we weren’t team Klaus, we would not be releasing a tribute video for the 25th anniversary of the Spice Girls’ greatest hit Wannabe. 

A quick check in the upper left corner of this page confirms that you are indeed in Klaus’ support quality management space. And you are in for a treat. 

Here’s how we celebrate the silver jubilee of Wannabe. Sing along, you know the words! 

spice girls wannabe

It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since the legendary July 8th in 1996 when Wannabe was released. 

To celebrate this special day, we asked our team to share their favorite memory either of Spice Girls or customer service (we are a support software company after all) from the past quarter-century. 

Spoiler alert: everybody came back with a Spice Girls story. I guess we’re closer to pivoting to Wannabe covers than we ever thought. 

When Martin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Klaus, told us about his fondest memory, he had a special glow on his face. Something we’d never seen before. 

“I was very conflicted because everybody told me I have to like the Backstreet Boys but I liked Spice Girls so much more.” 

Ann, the Multimedia Storyteller at Klaus (and the author of this video ?), had never even tried to hide her feelings towards the band. I mean, it would be difficult to hide the hundreds of pages of the handwritten magazine she’d crafted with magazine cutouts and lots of creativity.

“We weren’t just listening to Spice Girls, we were living and breathing Spice Girls.” 

Spice Girls Fan Book by Klaus

Before we knew it, we’d started a company-wide competition “Who is the biggest Spice Girls fan”. Merily, the Head of Marketing at Klaus, brought out her (unofficial) “In My Pocket” book series covering the lives of Baby, Sporty, Ginger, Posh, and Scary Spice.

“I used to hide a flashlight under my pillow at preschool to secretly read these Spice Girls books under the blanket at nap time.” 

Spice Girls in My Pocket

Even Kair, the Head of Growth and Co-Founder of Klaus, suddenly felt comfortable revealing his soft spot for the girl band. 

“I feel like for my personal development Spice Girls was as important as elementary school. And after graduating it was smooth sailing into primary school, which was Britney Spears of course.” 

I bet you’ve had a chance to talk to our one and only Chris, Customer Success Manager at Klaus. Do you know what’s his favorite film?

“I loved the Spiceworld film and watched it hundreds of times. It came in a tin for some reason.”

Before Daniel joined Klaus as an Operations Analyst, he split his time between Dragon Ball Z and Spice Girls.

“The girls on my street would choose their favorite Spice Girl and they would dance and sing until the evening. Every girl wanted to be a Spice Girl. Every boy wanted to make Dragon Ball Z drawings. Boys were also in love with Spice Girls and girls with Japanese anime… but pretended not to of course. The nineties were weird but unique in Lisbon suburbs.”

Diogo, Customer Success Manager at Klaus, emphasizes that Spice Girls was so much more than a band. It was, among many other things, also food.

“Me and my cousin used to go every Sunday to the bakery shop right next to my grandma’s house when anyone would go get bread, so we could also get Spice Girls lollipops and collect the stickers that would come with it.”

Cheers to Spice Girls on the silver jubilee of Wannabe! We’ll continue to pray for your comeback. 

In the meantime, spice up your support quality with Klaus! 

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Merit is the content writer at Klaus - though most of her texts have probably been ghostwritten by her rescue cat Oskar.

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