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Fireside Chat with Martin Kõiva, CEO and Founder of Klaus

Podcasts2 MIN READMay 21, 2021

Fireside Chat with Martin Kõiva, CEO & Co-Founder of Klaus


Fireside Chats with Klaus and Valentina are back and we’re happy to kickstart the new season straight from our home base: Martin Kõiva, the CEO and founder of Klaus, shares the story and secrets behind the success of Klaus. 

Klaus is a customer service quality management software that grew from Martin’s personal pain from building and leading a global customer support team at Pipedrive. 

“How do you make better conversations with customers, as opposed to how to give faster answers or how to get rid of conversations,” is what Martin and his growing team are working on at Klaus every day. 

Grab a drink, light your fireplace, listen to the new episode of the Fireside Chats podcast, and find out:

  • How remote-first hiring has worked out for Klaus,
  • What’s the cross-departmental process called ‘catfooding’, 
  • How Klaus made it to the headlines with a Georgian shashlik bar.

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In the next Fireside Chats, Valentina and Klaus will talk about customer service in one of the latest European unicorns Pipedrive, and discuss support with one of the leading support software providers Zendesk. Make sure you don’t miss it and subscribe to your favorite podcast channel via Anchor.


Written by

Valentina Thörner
Valentina Thörner
Empress of Product at Klaus

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