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Why You Need to Start Reviewing Sales Emails Right Meow

Sales6 MIN READMay 27, 2020

Why You Need to Start Reviewing Sales Emails Right Meow


Review your team’s sales emails like your sales results depended on it – because they do. Everything your team says in their emails (or leaves unsaid) impacts your customers’ buying decisions.

Writing a catchy subject line, using the right greeting, asking appropriate questions, and making the perfect sales proposal are only a few aspects in a sales email that can make or break a deal. If you want to make sure that your sales reps are nailing their sales lines every time they talk to your customers, you need to start reviewing your team’s emails.

Conversation reviews are a systematic means of analyzing your sales interactions and providing feedback to your team. It’s really the only way you can gain control over the quality of your sales emails and improve them.

Here’s why you need to start doing Sales Quality Assurance (if you aren’t already).

Help agents improve their sales emails

Nothing changes in your sales results if you don’t change anything in your sales strategies. If you want to, for example, increase response rates of your cold emails, close more deals, or increase upsells—you need to improve the sales conversations that lead to those results.

However, it is relatively difficult for agents to start writing better emails without any coaching. Remember that they are probably already doing their best, so if you want to improve the quality of your team’s interactions, help them become better:

  1. Start reviewing the emails your sales team sends to your leads and prospects. Assess those conversations based on your sales email quality standards- in other words, check how they align with your expectations.
  2. Pinpoint your sales reps’ areas of improvement because that’s the only way they can learn what they need to change. If an agent uses boring email subject lines throughout their conversations, or always writes emails in a formal and dull manner, let them know that they need to work on more catchy sales email subject lines and their writing styles.
  3. Provide constructive feedback to help your sales reps deliver better results. Every time you point to a shortcoming in your team’s conversations, accompany these comments with suggestions on how to do better next time.

Improving sales emails is not only the responsibility of your sales reps. If you don’t have any quality standards in place for those interactions, your team doesn’t know what their emails should look like.

If you’d like to build a proper scorecard for rating your sales emails, check out this free sales scorecard template and instructions.

Why You Need to Start Reviewing Sales Emails Right Meow

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Make all sales agents top performers

Most experienced sales teams know how easily sales results can plateau: the best salespeople continue to exceed their sales quotas, the majority of the team does just fine, and a few people keep struggling to meet their goals.

The same pattern repeats again and again – and your revenue stays the same. However, there is huge potential for growth in teams like this.

You can turn your low and mediocre performers into top sales guns by implementing a systematic approach like this:

  1. Understand what your top performers are doing right. That’s the best way to know what is working for your particular business. Your high-achievers have already cracked the secrets to closing more deals, all you have to do is write those nuggets of gold down.
  2. Learn what your low performers are missing. See how emails connected to lost deals perform against the quality standards you created based on your top performers. Find out which categories your low performers are failing in.
  3. Help the low performers up their game. Explain how to meet the quality goals in the next emails and bring real-life examples from your team’s sales interactions. That’s a great way to demonstrate that your expectations are realistic and bring the results you need.

If you make sales email reviews and feedback a habit in your team, you’ll start seeing improvements in your sales results week after week. Boost your low performers to mediocre, and then push the mediocre into excellence with systematic sales email quality standards and reviews.

Why You Need to Start Reviewing Sales Emails Right Meow

Boost your net sales by 50%

Sales email reviews are one of the most efficient coaching tools with a high impact on your sales results. Coaching is an integral part of most sales teams’ onboarding programs but it’s often under-used with more experienced reps.

In fact, the majority of sales managers (47%) spend less than 30 minutes on coaching on skills and behaviors per week. That’s a lot of opportunities for growth missed for many salespeople.

Moreover, sales managers tend to fixate on targets and numbers and neglect the importance of giving feedback on the quality of their team’s performance. However, when it comes to closing deals, what your sales reps write in an email matters more than how many emails they send.

Companies that do continuous sales reps training deliver 50% higher net sales per employee than businesses that don’t offer it.

Coaching – being one of the most effective forms of continuous sales training – should be the top priority in your team if you’re looking for ways to boost your sales results. It’s a great opportunity to improve your individual sales reps’ performance and, by that, help the entire team meet (and exceed!) their sales quotas.

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Why You Need to Start Reviewing Sales Emails Right Meow

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