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6 Best Sales Coaching Software

Sales5 MIN READMay 15, 2020

7 Best Sales Coaching Software


Wanted to provide feedback on your sales rep’s email but sent your response to the customer instead? We’ve been there.

Luckily, the days when you have to ask your team to BCC you and forward emails back and forth for internal feedback are over now. There are numerous sales coaching software solutions out there making sales quality assurance both easy and secure.

Companies with a formal approach to sales coaching experience 10% higher win rates. Each sales conversation requires a unique set of selling skills, if you’re not actively coaching, you could be losing a number of prospects – that directly translates into missed revenue.

Here’s the list of the top 6 sales coaching tools that will help you improve your sales team’s performance with regular feedback. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about how easy and systematic sales coaching can become.


SalesLoft is a sales engagement tool that comes with Conversation Intelligence solutions. Listen to your sales recordings, track selected keywords, and add comments and notes as necessary.

Offers call sharing and coaching playlists to replicate success stories across your sales team.

Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software

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Jiminny records your team’s conversations across the sales cycle and allows you to review them whenever needed. This tool also transcribes your calls so that you can easily go through what was said word by word.

? It comes with a private chat feature for real-time coaching.

? Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software


Showpad is an onboarding, training, and coaching tool for salespeople. The Coaching solution visualizes each individual sales rep’s areas of improvement and helps them keep track of their own progress. Managers can go in and get an overview of the most important topics to cover in the next training sessions.

? Facilitates your training courses, sales presentations, and learning assignments, too.

? Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software


Gong’s People Intelligence coaching tool compares your sales reps’ performance against each other and industry benchmarks. It highlights the areas of improvement for each individual team member and makes it easier to provide systematic feedback on their performance.

? Gong’s Deal Intelligence feature helps you keep an eye on the health of your sales deals, too.

? Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software


WorkRamp is an Enterprise Learning Management System that helps to organize sales bootcamps and to facilitate coaching by managers and top-performing peers. You can also certify employees on pitches and products through screen recordings and slide sharing presentations.

? Comes with customer training tools and lets you share training and onboarding materials from a centralized knowledge base for your customers and internal teams.

? Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software - Workramp


LevelEleven starts a sales manager’s day with a snapshot of the team’s performance data to deliver personalized recommendations for improvements. Create action items for your sales reps to complete for the next one-on-one meeting.

? LevelEleven boosts sales teams’ motivation with gamification solutions.

? Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software


Lessonly helps you provide easy and actionable advice to salespeople and boost their performance through regular feedback. This tool is governed by the idea that consistency in your sales interactions will translate into consistency in your sales results.

? Lessonly also serves customer service teams.

? Pricing: available by request.

7 Best Sales Coaching Software

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Which sales coaching software are you using – or will you try out now? Let us know in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with these seven tools and others, too!

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