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Fireside Chat: The Hyper-specialized Future of Customer Success at Gong

Podcasts3 MIN READMar 21, 2022



Our special guest this week is Brandon Latteri, a Customer Success Manager at Gong. Brandon spoke about the hyper-specialized future of customer success, how revenue intelligence can lead to better conversations, and a little about his superpowers.

What is Gong?

Gong is a platform for B2B sales teams to analyze their interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing. It helps teams make smarter decisions (and ultimately close more deals!). Gong reached unicorn status in 2020.

Who is Brandon? 

Brandon is one of Gong’s Customer Success Managers, based in NYC. Did you know that Gong only hires people who own gongs? Well, that might not be strictly true – but Brandon does own a real one so it’s a solid theory. 

Who is Bob?

Bob is Klaus’ own Head of Sales, who dwells in Amsterdam but often travels as he works. We think all the hopping around has something to do with his love for hops in liquid form. 

Put some kindling on your fire and settle in for a chat. 

Or put on the podcast instead

What they talked about?

  • Understanding customers still comes down to listening – what advanced tools like Klaus and Gong share is the ability to enhance that.
  • From the brand to the individual, in this remote world operating as a human being is both a competitive advantage and a sanity saver.
  • Educating and fostering a community can turn customers into thought leaders in their right – a plus for both customer support and customer success. 

What is revenue intelligence? 

There’s a relatively new world of data emerging around improving conversations. Gong Labs is where some of this magic happens. They anonymize data from hundreds of thousands of conversations and research which sales techniques and lines are working. 

“It’s really about going a bit deeper and analyzing these conversations, making sure that we’re getting the key points of interest. I’m really excited to see what comes down the pipeline with this.’ Brandon

Why do they keep talking about champagne and cat food? 

Not a culinary blend we would usually endorse, these terms actually refer to companies using their own products. 

At Klaus, everyone takes part in support conversation reviews to get a better understanding of our product and customer. Plus, it might play a small part in our month-on-month 100% CSAT rating. 

At Gong, everyone is similarly encouraged to listen back, analyze and learn from not only their own conversations but the successes of others. Brandon talks about how this has helped the success team strengthen the link between customer and product. 

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