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Top 20 Emojis Used by Agents in Support Interactions

Customer service7 MIN READJul 1, 2021

Top 20 Emojis Used by Agents in Support Interactions

Life would not be the same without emojis. Though it’s not recognized as an official language (yet), we can confirm that it’s a second language for most support agents. 

Luckily, customers speak emoji, too. In the previous scientific blog post, I dived into the most popular emojis customers use in support interactions. 

We didn’t, however, stop there. I conducted another serious investigation to understand how support folks navigate the world of emojis.

Do customers and agents speak the same emoji? What are the most unexpected findings in the top 20? And, of course, what is the most used emoji by support agents? 

Without further ado, let’s find out!


Why send one heart if you can send two? That’s one of the most frequently asked questions among agents*. And a considerable amount of support reps does just that, putting this emoji to place number 20 on our list.

*not scientifically proven, yet


One more time for the shiny teeth of customer care! Thanks, emojis, for bringing those smiles to us from all over the world. 


Another friendly smiling face in the top 20 most used emojis. Let’s celebrate the cheerful agents who are not only delivering the answers and solutions we need but who also brighten up our days by doing what they do with a smile on their faces. 


Customer service spreading its magic. This sparkle emoji is clear evidence of support agents’ superpowers reaching far beyond the capabilities of regular human beings. 


What’s the story behind this 16th most used emoji by support agents? “Don’t forget to recycle” surely is an excellent piece of advice, but we have a feeling there’s more to it. 

Tell us about the hidden meaning of the recycling emoji in this thread in our online CX community Quality Tribe. And don’t forget to recycle.


What do you do when “thank you,” “I love you,” and “❤️” are not enough? Add some sparkle to it: ?. 


It’s time to bring out the big guns. Here’s the big fat red heart full of love, gratitude, and sincere emotions. We love you.


Oops! The agent would now like to hide away and disappear; it looks like something’s messed up. Somewhat surprisingly, we find the first emoji hinting at difficult cases from as late as place number 13. Things aren’t bad after all. 


You’re my favorite customer! And you, also you, and you, and you! Flowers for everyone to brighten up your day (and compensate for the troubles you’ve experienced)!


The good old pointing finger directing you to the right answers since the beginning of time. The finger of the ancient philosopher, medieval scholar, new-age teacher, mom and dad – making a comeback in the form of emoji and shooting straight to the top 11 emojis.



Celebrate good times delivered to you by remarkable customer service! Fixed, released, solved, and closed. Boom, tada, confetti, please!


Agents using the slightly smiling face are either saying that everything’s cool – or they’re being slightly ironic behind that grimace. But hey, always assume good intentions, right? ? 


Agents love us! But to avoid crossing any boundaries, they often prefer to express it with a yellow heart – the symbol of liking and friendship.


That’s the official emoji of “the issue disappeared right when I reached out to customer service.” It happens (all the time).


Forgot to plug in the device? Cat ran over the keyboard and locked you out? Copied your shopping list to the support email instead of the error message? Thanks for these funny incidents that make agents giggle. 


“Time is of the essence” knows the customer service agent who not only delivers fast replies but also manages our expectations regarding time. We appreciate this. 


Switching over to email? You’re about to get proper white-glove treatment. Based on the high 4th place this emoji achieved, we can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that agents are taking their jobs seriously. Cases are escalated to deliver the best possible results.


The thumbs-up emoji has success written all over it. Agents got our back; they’re on it, fixing the world around us, letting us know when the issue is solved. They’re the true thumbs-up people.  Here’s a thumbs up for you, too: ?


The friendly hand wave – that says “I’m here to help” without a single word – is the second most popular emoji used by agents. Thanks for always being in the right place at the right time for us.


The face of a happy customer service agent triumphs. Goodness wins. The world is a better place thanks to you, shiny happy support folks.

Life would be dull without emojis

Support interactions would feel less personal and emotional. Thank you, emojis, for saving us from this terrible fate.

And we’re happy to know that customers speak this language, too. Check out the 20 emojis that customers use when talking to support folks

How do you feel about using emojis in support interactions? Yay or nay? Join the discussion in our online CX community Quality Tribe

And don’t forget to download the free Klausmoji pack for Slack. We created a set of cat emojis tailored for every occasion.

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Kristel Uiboaed - Klaus
Kristel Uiboaed, Ph.D
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