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Cocktails With Catitude

Cocktail book by Klaus featuring seven a-meow-zing cocktail recipes. Presenting new classics like the Meowtini, Tom & Sherry, and the Schördinger's Spritz. Includes both alcohol and non-alcohol recipes. Five o'clock, where ya at?


Cocktails With Catitude

No need to go to a fancy cocktail bar to have a great drink. Months of quarantine has inevitably led us to become the household bartender. Looking to up your cocktail game? Say no more. Here are seven cocktails with some serious catitude.


  • Meowtini
  • Ginger Tabby
  • Moscow Meow
  • Tom & Sherry


  • Klaus’ Lemonade
  • Meowjito
  • Schrödinger’s Spritz
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