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11 of the Best Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Software and Tools

Customer service6 MIN READMar 18, 2020

? 11 Best Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Tools


Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is one of the most popular support metrics that most successful teams track to know how they measure up against their users’ expectations. With a number of CSAT software and tools out there, how do you know which one to choose for your team?

CSAT is a simple survey, but if used strategically, it can give invaluable insight into customer relations, product, marketing, and other business areas that can have a huge impact on your revenue.

Find the tool that aligns with your CSAT strategies and helps you collect the data that you need. To make the selection process easier for you, we’ve picked out the best CSAT software solutions that you should consider.


Systematically measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), learn what delights your customers, and boost customer loyalty.

  • Tailor every aspect of your survey to match the unique preferences of your company: Modify the email subject line, survey question, and rating scale and stay true to branding with your colors and logo.
  • Measure support quality and capture trends: Ensure consistent performance amongst agents and identify top and low-performers, identify recurring issues and uncover training needs.
  • Understand the true relationship between CSAT, FCR, NPS – and quality: Get an instant overview of the big picture or drill into the details – up to you. Klaus’ KPI dashboard helps you focus on the agents and processes that need your attention most.



Nicereply is a customer survey software that allows you to send customized CSAT questionnaires seamlessly in every interaction or after ticket resolution. It also offers opportunities to ask for additional questions, use multiple scales, and report your progress.

✨ In addition to CSAT, Nicreply offers CES and NPS surveys, too.

Nicereply CSAT, NPS, CES surveys


Lumoa is a customer experience platform that allows you to manage your CSAT feedback in a simple and structural manner. Analyze your survey answers and understand which activities drive your CSAT score up (and down).

✨ Use Lumoa to analyze other types of surveys, such as NPS, CES, and open-text responses, too.

Lumoa CSAT, NPS, CES, customer feedback tool

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Survicate offers a lightweight survey tool that advises building questionnaires based on user personas and the jobs to be done methodology. Survicate offers survey templates, personalized experiences, and various survey distribution opportunities.

✨ Collect feedback from different channels (like Intercom, Facebook, or email) into the central Feedback Hub.

Survicate customer feedback tool



Qualtrics offers Customer Feedback Software as a part of its Experience Management Platform. From post-transaction evaluations to periodic satisfaction surveys and continuous satisfaction tracking, Qualtric includes numerous features for measuring CSAT.

✨ Offers feedback capabilities for SMS, voice, social, web, app, and others.

Qualtrics Customer Exprience Management software


SurveyMonkey offers a variety of customer questionnaires and customizable CSAT forms. It’s a great choice for teams with more complex needs and expectations, who want to ask for customer feedback at different parts of the customer journey.

✨ SurveyMonkey is often also used by marketing, HR, and other departments.

Surveymonkey online survey tool


BirdEye is a customer review management tool that offers sophisticated CSAT surveys. You can easily distribute surveys in all channels, including text messages, and let the Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine analyze the responses that you receive.

✨ It comes with a benchmarking tool that helps to compare your results with those of your competitors.

Birdeye customer review tool

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SurveySparrow powers omnichannel experience management platforms with easy-to-use CSAT and other customer surveys. It offers vast opportunities for automating tasks and building workflows that suit your needs.

✨ SurveySparrow prides themselves in their conversational survey format.

Surveysparrow customer feedback surveys

Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer delivers one-click surveys with powerful analytics. It offers 4 engaging solutions for collecting CSAT and reducing customer effort, including email signature surveys and others.

✨ Leaderboard visualizes which agents, products, territories, and other segments are performing best.

Customer Thermometer customer satisfaction tool


GetFeedback is a tool for capturing real-time customer feedback. “Build, distribute, analyze, and act” is the CSAT workflow on the GetFeedback platform.

✨ It’s one of the most popular feedback solutions for Salesforce.

GetFeedback CSAT and customer survey tool


Wootric is a customer insight tool built for CX champions. Wootric pairs CSAT up with PSAT (Product Satisfaction Score) which helps you separate product-related information from the rest of the customer feedback.

✨ Easily customizable in multiple languages.

Wootric Customer Experience management and CSAT software

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SmileBack builds customer satisfaction with frictionless feedback surveys. Filter CSAT results by customer, agent, ticket status, or other criteria, and learn where to focus your attention.

✨ Push alerts notify other teams about feedback that’s important to them.

Smileback Customer Satisfaction tool

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