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Customer Service Quality Handbook: Conversation Reviews

Internal conversation reviews are an essential part of all successful customer service teams' quality programs. Learn how regular support QA and agent feedback can help you improve your service quality and maintain it on a consistently high level across the team and channels.


Customer Service Quality Handbook: Conversation Reviews

The makers of the conversation review and support QA tool Klaus have focused their careers on bringing quality into companies’ customer-facing interactions. Here’s your chance to learn everything they know about customer service Quality Assurance from this compact yet comprehensive handbook.

From explaining why CSAT is not a perfect quality measure to providing best practices on conversation review scorecards, this book is packed with helpful guidance on how to superpower your team and, by that, boost your business results.

What you'll learn
  • What are conversation reviews and how do they improve customer service quality?
  • How to build a scorecard for your internal quality program: how many rating categories to use, how to choose the right ones, etc?
  • How Internal Quality Score helps you track and report your support team’s performance over time?