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Quality Conversations: Arielle Yoder on Making Everyone Feel Part of the Pack

Podcasts3 MIN READDec 1, 2022

Quality conversations with Arielle Yoder from Fi


Fi is a New York-based company whose smart GPS collars are for smart dog owners. Their philosophy is “impossible means let me find a way.” Arielle Yoder joins Niclas & John to chat accessibility for employees & customers, the impulse to automate, and Denver airport. 

Knowledge is power, so listen to learn! But you can also get a taste by scrolling down to read the highlights.

Who is Arielle? 

Arielle Yoder is Fi’s Customer Experience Quality Manager. She works hard at work to make everyone feel part of the pack; she works hard outside of work to bring niche sci-fi shows back from obscurity. 

Who are Niclas and John?

Niclas and John are two of Klaus’ conversational experts. Niclas likes to philosophize about ghosts, John likes to avoid them entirely.

Arielle’s Training Tips*
*for customer service leaders, not dogs

  1. You have to actually be invested in your support team’s feedback.

    For agents to feel empowered, to feel like their voice matters, and like they’re a part of a collaborative process, you have to move beyond lip service and actually put actions in place to make your team feel heard.

  2. Be transparent with your training.

    Make sure that when new processes roll out, people actually understand the reasons behind them instead of, ‘this is what we’re doing now – get used to it’. 

Snippets from their chat


On whether or not quality and response time are enemies:

You can match quality and speed together – you just have to be smart about it. If I’m looking at it from an end user’s perspective, when I contact a support team, I like a fast response initially. But it doesn’t mean the solution has to be quick. Just someone saying, “Hey John, thank you for messaging us. We’re looking into this.”
John Cahill
John Cahill

On making QA accessible:

When I put Klaus in place, I made sure that everybody knew exactly how it was working. We did a whole training on what the QA software was, so everyone knows exactly what the rubric is. My blue-sky dream is for all QA to make the support team’s life easier by making everything clearer. If nobody knows what is going on in the back end, then quality is not gonna improve. 
Arielle Yoder
Arielle Yoder

On showcasing agents’ work: 

I’ve seen successful teams using ‘best messages’ from different agents as examples. You can implement that method into the processes you have, and into your QA tool. When those examples come from agents it’s very, very empowering.
Niclas Jonsson
Niclas Jonsson

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