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Quality Conversations: Stephanie Robilliard of VanMoof on Creating an Open Feedback Culture

Podcasts4 MIN READNov 17, 2022

VanMoof customer service podcast


VanMoof is a next-generation electric bike company, renowned for its fantastic assistance. Niclas and John speak to Stephanie Robilliard, a project manager whose day-to-day involves making sure cyclists enjoy a smooth journey with VanMoof. Among other things, they talk about how globalization & automation are changing expectations in the B2C support world. 

If you’re the type who likes to know what they’re getting into before committing a full 25 minutes of your life, scroll down!

Who is Stephanie? 

Stephanie Robilliard is VanMoof’s Project Manager for Service Operations (making sure customers get the right tools to self-serve, and virtual assistance where necessary). One of her first jobs was as a check-out chick in New Zealand, and customers have loved her ever since. 

Who are Niclas and John?

Niclas and John are two of Klaus’ conversational experts. One is from England, one is from Sweden, and both escaped their respective kingdoms for life in Amsterdam. 

Put in your headphones to find out… 

  • How America has influenced European customer expectations, 
  • Why automation is an important ingredient to scaling effectively, 
  • The benefits of an open feedback culture with peer reviews. 

Stephanie’s key takeaways
*takeaway is what British people call take out, but that’s not applicable here

  1. I advise agents to speak up more. Sometimes you do have to be the loudest voice in the room. And grab every opportunity that you see – ask people if they want help. Take the bull by the horns and just drive your own career a little bit!
  2. Companies need to look more at who their customers are. What type of different services do they want? You hopefully have more than one persona. Look at what their service expectations are, not into what makes your job easier.

Snippets from their chat

On how B2C is evolving:

The reason that customer experience in general is growing so much for B2C is the newer subscription model. I feel this used to be more of a B2B model, but Netflix and other subscription services are withdrawing money from us without us making a conscious decision every time we make that purchase. This makes the customer relationship much more important.
Niclas Jonsson
Niclas Jonsson

On the narrowing gap between American and European-style customer service: 

Since COVID, it’s now become more of this American focused service.  Service in the USA is very different to Europe. My previous company solely focused on US-based customers. And my current job is very focused on European-based customers – Benelux, Nordic. You really saw a difference in what people expect. In the USA, the customer is king: they expect the best service, the ‘customer’s never wrong’ kind of mindset. This is a good development. I think the customer should definitely have a more important place in company decision-making.
Stephanie Robilliard
Stephanie Robilliard

On creating a good positive feedback culture: 

When speaking to lots of companies, we often see a bit too much of a barrier between the QA leads and the agents. One thing that they find very useful is doing live QA together, in their one-to-one sessions. Through this, team members really understand what quality is and why they review. That, we find, creates a really positive feedback atmosphere.
John Cahill
John Cahill

How to provide excellent feedback 


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