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Quality Conversations: Harnessing the power of AI in CX with Clemens Behrend

Podcasts3 MIN READDec 16, 2022



Both cryptocurrencies and Web3 have seen rapid growth and adoption, but providing customer service can be challenging. So who better to talk to about advancements in support than expert in this field Clemens Behrend? Niclas & John sit down with him to do just that.

Scratch that information itch and plug in (or scroll down for a morsel of the chat in text form!).

Who is Clemens? 

Clemens cut his teeth at Bitpanda, progressing to Global Director of Customer Support & Success, and now strategizes support for Web3 companies. He also likes to theorize about whether or not the CIA dabbles in crypto.  

Who are Niclas and John?

Niclas and John are two of Klaus’ conversational experts. Although friends in real life, one is a metalhead and the other a techno fiend, so don’t expect them at the same concert.

Clemens’ nuggets of advice*
*not written by ChatGPT, promise

  1. I always told my agents think the ticket backwards. Think about the whole journey, where the customer is, what they went through. Also, how he clicked our contact form, maybe why he selected the wrong category.
  2. Never stop talking to the customer. The whole customer support team should spend, at a minimum, half a hour or an hour per week on tickets. Then you see the systems, the documentation, the flows. You really walk in the agents’ shoes.

Snippets from their chat

On the benefit of QA specialists:

If team leads are doing QA of their own team members, they have an incentive to make things better than they are. You, then, don’t have like an overview if quality is going bad – you definitely need a delegated team. It’s never the wrong time for implementing a QA tool. Agents will demand feedback from you and you need to provide it.
Clemens Behrend
Clemens Behrend
Crypto & Web3 Customer Expert

On continuous feedback:

Craving feedback is very much a good thing. That usually means you have a strong culture of agents that want to develop, and learn, and actually do better. Which is a trend that I see more and more companies that I speak to.
Niclas Jonsson
Niclas Jonsson

On having a positive attitude:

The people that have gone on to be the best team leaders and the people that have been the most successful ones are the positive motivators no matter what their circumstances are as well. You know, with customer support roles a lot of the times it’s seasonal as as well. I mean, I’m sure people listening right now, you know, know that the Christmas period can be incredibly busy. So maintaining that positivity and bringing people up – your managers will recognize that for sure. 
John Cahill
John Cahill

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