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Cut Customer Support Agent Onboarding Time in Half [Podcast]

Team management4 MIN READFeb 20, 2019

Cut Customer Support Agent Onboarding Time in Half [Podcast]


Klaus’s co-founder Martin Kõiva had a chat with folks from He explained how Klaus’s peer feedback and ticket review system helps customer support agents on-board faster and improve the quality of their answers.

Below is a summary of Support Hero’s full interview.

Solving customer support quality problems with Klaus

In his previous role, Martin led a fast-growing support team. His challenge was to make sure that all agents provided customers with correct information, and that the quality of customer interactions remained consistent throughout the team – especially when onboarding new agents.

Martin emphasizes the importance of picking the right customer service metrics to understand how your team is doing.

“CSAT and NPS only tell half the story, when it comes to the quality of your support. That is because the customer cannot actually know if the answer he/she received was up to your company standards or not.”

Only an internal quality review can tell if customer cases were handled according to your company standards. So, Klaus is a tool that integrates with your helpdesk and helps you review samples of cases, send feedback to your agents, track goals, etc.

Martin compares customer support reviews with sports teams who watch videos of their past games: great support teams analyze their support cases and learn from them. Reviews done in the form of peer or manager/trainer reviews make sure that customers get the same answers to the same questions, regardless of the agent they’re talking to.


Measuring the success of your support efforts

It’s hard to measure the direct impact that support has on the company’s bottom line. However, it is crucial for the agents to know that their work plays a huge role in how your company is doing.

All customer support teams should track at least some internal quality-related metrics to get insight into your team’s performance.

Internal quality metrics should go hand-in-hand with external indicators.

“Seriously – ask your customers how you did. It cannot be the only thing you measure, but if you don’t do it in any form at all, you’re doing it wrong.”

Conversation volume, Customer Effort Score, and CSAT are the typical external qualitative metrics to track. Combine them with internal conversation reviews for the best results.


Future of customer support

Looking into the future, Martin sees customer support as a part of all business-related functions that are merging together.

“Support is also marketing, branding, and sales.”

Today, there are companies that don’t understand the value of great customer support and dump the department in a low-cost location. That’s also one of the reasons why some great agents have self-esteem issues.

Going forward, customer support will blend in with other business functions and get credited for the role they’re playing in companies’ success stories.

“Customer support is a vital business function that impacts sales, conversion, word of mouth etc, and one that can make or break a business because it’s a direct reflection of who you are as an organization.”

Read the full interview on the Support Hero blog.

Here’s the cat’s Instagram account.

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