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Customer Service Podcasts to Follow in 2023

Customer service12 MIN READJan 10, 2023

Customer Service Podcasts


We are living in the golden age of podcasts. There seems to be a podcast for every topic, interest, or genre. And customer service is no exception.

With many podcasts at your disposal finding the ones most worth listening to can be challenging. Don’t worry: we’re here to turn down the static.

We’ve curated a list of 12 of the best customer service podcasts to follow in 2023. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to customer service, such as the power of authenticity, how to leverage customer success tools for optimal results, and why it’s important to embrace even “disruptive moments” in order to gain and retain your customers’ loyalty.

We hope these podcasts will speak to you – educate, enlighten, entertain, and inspire you to provide excellent customer service.

1. Quality Conversations with Klaus


We couldn’t help ourselves, we think it’s a great podcast!

Do you want to hear a positive customer service story that will excite you, and revitalize your faith in the industry? Are you looking for actionable insights that can help you to improve your own customer support process? If so, then Quality Conversations with Klaus is the perfect podcast for you.

Each episode features a story about a company or individual willing to go the extra mile to create an exceptional customer experience. Not only does each story have a happy ending, but these conversations also include practical takeaways that listeners can use to improve their own customer service. It’s a great resource for customer support professionals wanting to stay up to date, gain extra insight into the industry, and be uplifted all at once.

Editor’s episode pick


2. Customer Service Academy, with Tony Johnson

Customer Service Academy, with Tony Johnson

In this podcast, customer experience expert and award-winning speaker Tony Johnson shares key insights on how to deliver the very best service to your customers and grow your company in the process. He interviews executives and managers from best-in-class organizations to uncover their philosophy on customer service and their tactics. He also shares his own common-sense approach to business success.

Tony’s management experience in the restaurant, retail, and corporate sectors spans decades. Combined with his passion for customer service, this experience makes him an excellent host for a podcast centered around the world of customer support. He and his guests discuss a variety of subjects, including the importance of authentic customer communication, and the 4 P’s of customer experience: People, Place, Product, and Process. 

Editor’s episode pick

3. Customer Service Revolution, with John DiJulius

Customer Service Revolution, with John DiJulius

John DiJulius, a best-selling author and customer service expert, hosts this podcast focused on how to do customer service right, and why it’s such a key advantage for your business. John’s interviews particularly highlight company leaders who are revolutionizing their industries through innovative customer service techniques and processes. 

Throughout the podcast, featured guests share some of their successes (and occasionally failures) in the customer service world. John mines their stories for actionable tips that can help you develop a corporate culture that produces referrals, brand loyalty, and rave reviews from customers and employees alike.

This podcast describes itself as “a radical overthrow of conventional business mentality designed to transform what customers and employees experience.” If you are a visionary customer service leader obsessed with building your brand, then this podcast is an absolute gem.

Editor’s episode pick

4. Talking Customer Success, with Thomas Connery

Talking Customer Success, with Thomas Connery

Customer success expert Thomas Connery hosts this podcast on how to achieve an exceptional customer experience through the use of winning tools, tactics, and processes. Thomas believes that building a consistent customer success practice is a key differentiator between a growing company and a thriving company and that customer advocacy results when a company does the right thing for its customers so that their expectations are met, or even exceeded.

Talking Customer Success was developed to promote the value of customer success within large enterprises and small businesses alike. It’s an excellent choice for customer support professionals looking for down-to-earth, realistic, and engaging insights from the customer success industry.

Editor’s episode pick

5. Inside Intercom

Inside Intercom

On the Inside Intercom podcast, you will hear the team from Intercom interview makers and do-ers from the worlds of product management, design, startups, and marketing. Hear about the importance of conversational relationships and how they can drive business growth; when to scale and how fast to go; how the subscription model is transforming legacy businesses; and so much more.

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6. REALLY Know Your Customer, with Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh

REALLY Know Your Customer, with Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh

It’s no shock that growing the company is the CEO’s #1 priority. However, any gap between the CEO’s strategies and the actual needs of customers can lead to unnecessary friction, the slowing of growth, and the erosion of your brand’s competitive edge. That’s why really knowing your customers —  their needs, demands, and expectations — is so vital to continued success.

Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh, two customer experience experts, host this podcast that explains how to close that “strategic gap” between your company and your customers. They draw on the experiences of C-Suite executives who have “cracked the code” when it comes to leveraging customer relationships to align brand strategy, promises, and processes. Their guests share their best practices, greatest successes, and the biggest mistakes around customer service and experience. If you want actionable insights on how to really know your customers, then give this podcast a listen.

Editor’s episode pick

7. Customer Experience Leaders Chat

Customer Experience Leaders Chat

Customer Experience Leaders Chat is brought to you by Nicereply, the all-in-one customer satisfaction tool. It’s a place where they talk to support professionals from all over the world and discuss what’s behind their team’s success: from Grindr to Wistia, and Shopify to Aircall. 

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8. The Customer Experience Podcast, with Ethan Beute

The Customer Experience Podcast, with Ethan Beute

Many customer experience experts believe that creating and delivering better experiences for customers is the single most important thing business organizations can do today. The producers of the Customer Experience Podcast subscribe to this notion as well. With host Ethan Beute, you’ll learn how the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success departments can lead to desired outcomes; and how leaders in those departments can contribute to an internal unity of purpose.

Topics on this podcast range from why and how to embrace “disruptive moments” (mergers, acquisitions, and role changes), to four steps for better storytelling. If you want to find ways to exceed customer expectations in a human way, then this is the podcast for you.

Editor’s episode pick

9. The CX Leader Podcast, with Steve Walker

The Customer Experience Podcast, with Ethan Beute

Steve Walker, CEO, and Chairman of business consulting firm Walker Information hosts this podcast designed to help leaders improve their business results by unlocking the potential of customer experience (CX). Steve discusses a range of CX-centered topics, including how and why you should empower your customers, and how the little things in CX can make a big difference. This podcast is a fount of actionable insights that can help you grow your business through exceptional customer experience.

Editor’s episode pick

10. Repeat Customer, from Zendesk

Repeat Customer, from Zendesk

This podcast from Zendesk seeks to answer the basic question: “Why do we love some brands, and hate others?” In each episode, Repeat Customer examines truly exceptional customer experiences. Host Mio Adilman, along with a variety of guests, digs into facets of the experience, and listeners can learn more about how companies create these winning experiences, and why loyal customers love them so much.

CEOs, chief customer officers, and industry experts guest star on the podcast, and share inside stories of how iconic companies rose to prominence by solving key pain points that customers were facing, re-imagining touchpoints to engage consumers, disrupting traditional business models that hindered world-class customer service, and staking everything on innovative, customer-centric strategies. In addition, die-hard “superfans” share stories of their brand love, and how they express it. 

If you are looking for an informative, entertaining, and fascinating glimpse into the successes of CX leaders, then be sure to check out Repeat Customer.

Editor’s episode pick

11. Customer Support Leaders

Customer Support Leaders

Customer Support Leaders by Charlotte Ward features different support leaders who have been on the front line with customers. They understand how things work, and the value of support. They understand the needs and foibles of their customer base. Unlike most other disciplines, there’s no training for this role. No two CS Leadership roles are alike. No two CS Leaders are alike. So this is our opportunity to hear from those leaders and learn from them. Whether you’re a CS leader now, or you aspire to be.

Editor’s episode pick

12. Elevate Podcast

Elevate Podcast

Elevate Podcast is for anyone in Customer Experience – that means customer support, customer success, community management, or even product management.

Elevate Podcast’s listeners have refined specific skills and opinions. They already know what they do is important and they do a pretty good job already. They are seeking education, advice, and actionable information that they might not already have from people who have real-life experience to share. 

Hear about the in-the-trenches stories, failure stories, head-slapping revelations that changed a business for the better, and small tweaks that hugely improved KPIs. 

Editor’s episode pick

Why stop at podcasts?

Best Customer Service Books of All Time

The 12 podcasts listed above can provide many valuable insights on customer service — insights that you can leverage into revenue-generating, customer-satisfying initiatives. Of course, podcasts are not the only medium available for expanding your knowledge of customer service. If you want to take your education to the next level, then check out our list of best customer support books of all time and binge-learn on customer service quality with our ebooks.

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