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Why consistency is the X factor of great customer experience?

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Why consistency is the X factor of great customer experience?Replay webinar


Ana Beatriz Rodrigues
Customer Success Manager, Zendesk
Susana de Sousa
Customer Support Senior Manager, Loom
Valentina Thörner
Empress of Product, Klaus


This webinar has ended.

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Why consistency is the X factor of great customer experience?

Customer support is the face of your company. Every day, your support team goes through numerous interactions – from product specific questions to friendly banter. In each channel, these conversations vary a bit but there is one thing that successful companies do better. Their goals are aligned and this results in consistent and reliable customer service.

Klaus, Zendesk, and Loom joined the digital stage to explain how to turn customer service consistency to the X factor of your company.

And it sure makes a difference. Companies who provide consistent and reliable customer service have proven to: ? improve sales, ? reduce churn, and ? lower service costs.

On this webinar, we looked for answers on what how to provide constant quality service for customers.

In the first half, our speakers from Klaus, Loom, and Zendesk took a deep-dive to answer:

  • Why is it important to identify gaps between customer’s expectations and their perceptions of the experience delivered.
  • How to discover the underlying causes for negative ratings in customer support and what to do about the results.
  • Being personal at scale — how to deliver memorable support experiences to create brand advocates.

In the second half, we opened the floor to discussion and Q&A.