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How to supercharge your support team with intelligent tools?

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How to supercharge your support team with intelligent tools?Replay webinar


Valentina Thörner
Empress of Product at Klaus
Jen Ong Vaughan
Head of Sales and Success at Assembled
Tadas Labudis
Founder and CEO of Prodsight


This webinar has ended.

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How to supercharge your support team with intelligent tools?

In customer service, modern fortune-telling relies on data-backed predictions. Every conversation that the customer-facing teams have, consist of breadcrumbs and hints of what customers want tomorrow. It’s easy to spot some of them but undercurrent trends need some analysis to become visible.

This is why modern customer support teams use a lot of clever algorithms to understand the causes behind metrics and results. In many ways, numbers do a lot of talking. But do they also lead you to root causes? Often that requires further digging into data. But which tools should you use for that?


Luckily, we’ve got three experts from AssembledProdsight, and Klaus to share their case studies and experience on improving the quality, management and prediction skills for support and success teams. In this webinar, we’ll be joined by:

Learn how get better insights from customer data and interactions

In the first half, we will take a deep dive to three customer support stories:

  • How to evangelize the voice of the customer and drive CX changes?
  • How customer success insights can impact the entire company?
  • How to scale your company’s operations with confidence?

In the second half, we opened the floor to discussion and Q&A.