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Towards a Bot-human Hybrid Customer Service

This webinar has ended.


Henrik Fabrin
Founder & CEO, BotXO
Martin Kõiva
Co-Founder & CEO, Klaus


This webinar has ended.

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Towards a Bot-human Hybrid Customer Service

Chatbots are redefining customer experiences – and they are here to stay. When it comes to taking care of the majority of transactional conversations, bots are invincible in terms of speed and precision.

At the same time, we see how human empathy is driving customer loyalty in customer-centric businesses. Every company is interested in delivering personalized customer experiences and amplifying the human side of their support interactions.

Join our free webinar where we look for answers on what the future of customer service will be like:
  • How can we make the most out of AI chatbots for customer support?
  • Why do we still need human customer service agents?
  • How to make support reps and bots work as one team?

You don’t want to miss this online event where the founder of BotXO AI chatbots meets with the creator of Klaus, the tool that’s making human-to-human conversations better. Find out what the bot-human hybrid customer service will look like, on Wednesday, September 2nd.

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