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The Best Browser Extension for Sales Conversation Reviews

Gain control over your sales conversations. Boost the quality of your sales reps’ emails, phone calls, and chats with consistent feedback and coaching.

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    50% higher net sales with continuous coaching
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    New sales reps onboarding 2x faster
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    Actionable metrics for sales conversation quality
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    Improved response rates after the first week of use

Supercharge your sales emails and calls

Browser extension

Review all sales conversations right where they happen. With Klaus’s browser extension you can provide feedback to your agents on any online platform.

Call Center Quality Assurance Software

Unlimited sales scorecards

Create quality standards for your sales conversations. Review how well your team performs against them with your custom sales scorecard.


Sales quality reporting

Measure and track the quality of your sales conversations. Notice any drops in your team’s performance and correct the course before it’s too late.

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How the Makers of Wordpress Foster Feedback with Klaus

The makers of have built a robust peer to peer feedback system with Klaus to boost the quality of their customer-facing interactions.

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