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Playvox alternative & comparison

Klaus is an easy-to-use conversation review and support QA tool that teams love to use. Regular feedback boosts your agents' performance and increases customer satisfaction. Give Klaus a go and see what it does to your CSAT.

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Successful support teams choose Klaus

Built by support folks for support folks, Klaus is a tool that caters to the entire support team's needs from facilitating internal reviews and agent feedback to creating meaningful quality reports to share with managers.

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Streamline your customer support QA process with Klaus


Filter out conversations for review

Let Klaus create a random sample of support interactions for your team to review, or create a custom filter to find the conversations that need your attention. Remember that "That's fine, continue" is great feedback and as important as analyzing the best and worst interactions.


Build custom scorecards and rating systems

Create a scorecard that reflects your support goals and values. We know that not all rating categories are created equal, and that's why Klaus's custom scorecards allow you to adjust category weights based on your needs.


Save 70% of Time Spent on Support QA

Teams who've switched from spreadsheets to Klaus save 70% of the time spent on internal quality reviews. Klaus pulls customer conversations automatically in for review and makes the feedback process productive and enjoyable.


Why you should consider Klaus?

  • "Playvox UI isn't user friendly, agents get lost a lot and complain frequently about how they're unable to find the information needed to help them succeed."
  • "In order to make an adjustment to an audit form you basically need to create a whole new form which is not ideal for reporting trends."
  • "It would be nice if Playvox had a more centralized area to see performance metrics across the board, and it would be great if the graphs and charts were easier to read - sometimes it can get really confusing and you have to dig to find the information that you want."
  • "Sometimes the system was a little buggy, we had problems with tickets, workloads, and minor issues."
  • "In Playvox, I'm not able to check how a specific agent is doing. I can only see my evaluations and the average QA trend of everyone."
  • "It wasn't user-friendly at all. Very confusing setup."


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