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Miuros alternative & comparison

Klaus is a support QA tool that boosts your support quality and customer satisfaction. Conduct systematic conversation reviews and help your agents improve their performance with constant feedback.

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Why productive support teams love Klaus

Klaus takes care of the tedious parts of internal quality evaluations, giving you three times more time to provide valuable feedback to your agents.

SOC 2 compliance
Custom scorecards and weighting
CSAT dashboard
CSAT surveys
AI assistance
Automated review assignments
Dynamic rating scales
KPI dashboard
Peer-to-peer reviews
Coaching and 1-1 assistance
Grading calibration
Root cause analysis
Email notifications
Slack notifications
OAuth authorization
Learning management
Number of help desk integrations

Streamline your customer service QA process with Klaus

Custom scorecards reflect your quality standards

Create a scorecard that reflects your support goals and values. We know that not all rating categories are created equal, and that's why Klaus's custom scorecards allow you to adjust category weights based on your needs.

Internal Quality Score shows your team's performance

Track your customer service team's Internal Quality Score and zoom into agents' individual performance. You'll notice changes in the support quality early on and can correct the course before it's too late.

Reduce time spent on support QA by 70%

Support teams tend to spend more than half of their QA time on managerial tasks related to the upkeep of internal reviews. Let Klaus take care of the tedious tasks so that you can focus on agent feedback. Beautiful UI and easy setup guaranteed.

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