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AI-Powered Customer Service Quality Management for eCommerce

As customer expectations increase, customer support has become an invaluable business opportunity to retain customers. Klaus helps you run an effective QA process, create top-notch customer experiences, and boost customer loyalty.

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Scaling your support team's efforts can be effortless

Scale your support quality 50x with AutoQA

Move from reviewing a mere 2-5% of tickets to automatically evaluating all conversations and agents across multiple categories and languages.
  • Plug & play solution – no coding or training required. Simply step in and see the magic unfold.
  • Get a consistent, objective overview of your customer conversations, even with huge ticket volumes.
  • Use AI-powered smart filters and insights to pluck out must-review interactions for analysis
AutoQA and AI-powered Spotlight

Spend less time on questionable results

Don’t let support volume get in the way of an analytical understanding of your service quality. Evaluate performance across channels, and standardize your QA processes for all-round excellence.
  • Keep track of real-time KPIs to ensure consistent performance and identify top and low-performers.
  • Pinpoint knowledge gaps and understand where agents or processes fell short.
  • Enhance team efficiency with automated review assignments & goal setting.
Targeted Manual QA

Turn negative experiences around with a team of champions

Foster agent engagement and decrease turnover through systematic feedback and targeted coaching.
  • Support your team with a regular flow of transparent and actionable feedback.
  • Encourage active learning and improve performance with data-driven coaching.
  • Collaboratively reinforce knowledge and maintain a high standard of customer support
Coaching insights

Provide consistently better customer experiences

  • Understand why support quality goes up or down
  • Boost customer loyalty and referral
  • Save 70% of the time spent on customer service QA
  • Identify the right coaching opportunities
  • Improve employee retention

How Helloprint Delivers Exceptional Ecommerce Experiences with Klaus

“The amount of feedback is going up. It was too much of a hassle to sit down and look for conversations without a filter. Using Klaus, we are saving about 20 to 30 minutes per piece of feedback given.”

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