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Customer Service Quality Assurance Software for Ambitious Support Teams

It's like code review but for support teams. Learn how your customer service team is performing against your internal quality standards. Provide consistent feedback and help your agents grow professionally.

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    Boost customer satisfaction
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    Gain control over your customer service quality
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    Save 70% of the time spent on customer service QA
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    Bring consistency into your support interactions

One customer service quality assurance software for all support interactions


Give feedback to your agents

Assess your support team's performance based on your internal quality criteria and a custom scorecard. Provide constant feedback to help agents become better at what they do.

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Connect with your help desk

Klaus integrates with all major help desk software providers like Intercom, Zendesk, HelpScout, Aircall, and others. Pull all customer conversations automatically in for effortless conversation reviews.


Move away from spreadsheets

Save 70% of your QA time by letting Klaus take care of the tedious tasks. Custom filters, simple reporting, and automatic notifications make internal reviews extremely efficient.

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How Automattic fosters a culture of feedback with Klaus

The makers of and WooCommerce consistently deliver a CSAT of 95% and more. Read how their fully remote support team maintains a consistently high level of customer service quality with an efficient peer-to-peer feedback system.

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