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Improve Customer Service Conversations Through Agent Coaching

Let your team excel. Target your coaching: review & pinpoint problems, align your team, track improvements.

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Agent improvement cycle
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    Onboard reps 2x faster
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    Improve employee retention
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    Find the right conversations to review
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    Track quality improvements (IQS, CSAT)
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    Data-driven training for precision & accountability

Coach employees with evidence & insight

Define your goals

Customize your scorecards to align & review according to company priorities. No matter how large (or growing) your team is, make sure you’re reading from the same page.

Conversation Insights

Find the conversations that make a difference

Our AI-powered tools filter conversations for complexity & sentiment. Use Conversation Insights’ data visualizations to zero in what matters.

A clear path to progress

Use Pins for Coaching to highlight relevant messages, take notes & set out action points. Custom build Quizzes to test agent knowledge. Perfect for fast onboarding and continual learning.

Track improvements

Stay on top of quality metrics and trends with Klaus. Map how your agents perform and teams compare.

Invest in quality

Give feedback that matters and build a team of experts to make your customers happy.