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How PandaDoc Leveled Up Customer Support Reviews with Zendesk QA

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PandaDoc is a document automation software with built-in electronic signatures, workflow management, document builder, and CPQ functionality.

Quality is something that PandaDoc support team is not taking lightly. With first response times at below 20 min, full resolution times at around 3 h and CSAT at 94%, they make sure no client is left unsatisfied.

Behind the industry-leading results, however, is rigorous and continuous work on quality tracking and ticket review.

Thorough conversation reviews

Every week, managers and senior agents spend time on reviewing solved tickets from the past week and evaluating agents’ work.

All tickets are reviewed for new agents, who have been with the company for less than a year. Every week, they hold 1-2-1 meetings with managers, where they discuss ticket review feedback.

This review process used to be very painful. Tracking tickets required using custom Zendesk views and special triggers for every agent. Providing feedback meant copy-pasting ticket numbers and comments from one tool to another.

Preparing for the 1-2-1 meetings took hours of work.

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Zendesk QA to the rescue

Zendesk QA was a no-brainer for PandaDoc. Not only could they easily find, rate, and comment on tickets from all agents, but there was virtually no extra preparation needed for the 1-2-1 meetings anymore.

All the necessary information was readily available. This meant hours of time saved for all the managers as well as the agents.

“Every client who contacts the support should get a perfect answer regardless of the agent. Zendesk QA allows to keep up that good level of quality.” Kate Barsuk, PandaDoc

In addition, using Zendesk QA meant that there was more continuity in the ticket reviews, more visibility on how it was being done, and, finally, all reviews were available in a single place.

Implementing Zendesk QA took about a week. PandaDoc started with setting the account up, then tested it first with managers, and then continued with agents.

First, the PandaDoc team was afraid that creating the API connection with Zendesk would be quite difficult. They were happy to find out that it was just a matter of a few clicks. The implementation process itself was definitely easier than anticipated.

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Inside the team

PandaDoc has offices in Minsk, San Francisco, and Florida with ~200 employees and a support team of 16 handling 3000+ tickets per month. The Support team is split between the 3 offices to cover the majority of their clients’ timezones.

There is no formal structure for the team. Agents cover all topics and all channels, and they are given full trust and freedom to pick which tickets they work on. This means that task allocation is easier and agents can focus on areas that they are the strongest in.

Happy agents – happy customers!

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