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The Impact of QA on Deliverect’s Customer Support Expansion

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Deliverect, a global leader in restaurant technology solutions, has experienced remarkable growth, now servicing locations worldwide, from Australia to Mexico. Of course, this means a support expansion across time zones and continents. 

We talked to Christian Osmundsen, Global Head of Customer Experience, about how Deliverect found an ideal ally in Zendesk QA (formerly Klaus).

The problem: 

As Deliverect’s support team expanded and diversified, it faced the complex challenge of maintaining service quality while scaling.

The solution:

Deliverect recognized the need for a robust quality management tool to meet these demands effectively.

The result: 

“The journey with QA has helped us, first and foremost, to make sure we are consistent in our quality, and keeping a high standard through every aspect of communications.”

Global consistency is a marathon, not a sprint

With a team still scaling, Deliverect’s quality approach must be measured. 

Providing a structured and calibrated way to ensure quality customer service is the most significant benefit of Zendesk QA. One issue that comes with scale is how to maintain consistency without adding heavier workloads. Using Zendesk QA, Deliverect has designed a support quality process that delivers each person and team leads with the information they need without the extra responsibilities:

  • Their Quality & Training team uses Zendesk QA coaching features to design coaching sessions that the Q&T and team leads can deliver without extra prep work. 
  • Outliers can be detected, and new agents can be analyzed for extra training or support.
  • Zendesk QA also helps feed monthly and quarterly business reviews. 

“One thing that’s important to us in a tech company is having seamless integration. It’s about the simple things: a single sign-on, being able to pull CSAT, pull conversations. 

We also enjoy the Chrome extension provided by Zendesk QA, where we can review conversations in our CRM platforms directly without switching platforms and tabs.

We are relentlessly working on simplifying things and cutting down on all tools. A highly developed platform, like Zendesk QA, that integrates well with all tech we use for customer communication is very helpful for us.

Doing everything in life with quality is so challenging but generally improves the experience for everyone involved. This goes for customer experience as well. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Christian Osmundsen
Christian Osmundsen
Global Head of Customer Experience, Deliverect

Keeping up with customer demand

The criticality of delivering top-tier service to Deliverect’s core customer base — restaurants — cannot be overstated. Christian emphasizes aligning internal quality with customer feedback for a balanced perspective. 

Rather than concentrating solely on customer dissatisfaction (DSAT), they adopt a broader perspective. Placing themselves in the shoes of their agents, they recognize that focusing exclusively on negative feedback can be demoralizing. Therefore, they leverage Zendesk QA’s sentiment analysis to pinpoint and review areas where improvement is most needed. This approach ensures that agents receive a more balanced and constructive evaluation.

“It’s important that the set standard of service we provide and the perceived quality on the customer side is not far apart. Previously, that was a challenge for us, but now with Zendesk QA, we have been able to get those metrics closer together.”

IQS - Internal Quality Score Dashboard

That, of course, means being adaptable to change. Like many forward-thinking customer support teams, Deliverect invests in proactive support and chatbots –– where appropriate. 

This approach optimizes resource allocation and ensures that human interaction is reserved for situations where it adds the most value.

“One big win with using bots, whatever they are, is that they collect information beforehand. Customers hate to give the same information twice, so that’s part of our QA analysis.

It’s a fine balance in how much bot you can include in a conversation with a customer before they get an allergy and say “this is too much, now I need a human agent”. We are very aware of that. So we analyze customer sentiment alongside the tone and communication skills of the agent.”

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Robo-Klaus engaging napping protocols.

Quality coaching hinges on collaboration

Keeping the support engine moving at a pace that customers will be happy with doesn’t just come down to finding the right conversations – it also comes down to how you deliver feedback. 

“With Zendesk QA’s coaching feature, our QA teams prepare sessions for the team leads. They are swamped with other things, and while they do conduct some reviews, they don’t have as much time as they would like to. 

Ready, prepared sessions with all the data they need are prepped for them.”

Deliverect, like most scaling support teams, has many reviewers. And as teams grow, logically, so does the number of reviewers. So, a little calibration is required to keep the quality engine moving at a steady pace. 

  • Deliverect’s quality analysts review because they provide objectivity since they’re not part of Operations. 
  • Team leads are close to the field and review because they offer a different perspective.

But they still need to calibrate how they score. Calibration sessions foster alignment in evaluating agent performance, ensuring that feedback and training efforts are consistent and productive. 

“We love the Zendesk QA calibration tool. We go through different people’s reviews, without seeing how others scored.  It works really well to get everyone covering the same ground – every team should look into calibrating regularly.

Calibration sessions always lead to fierce discussions internally in the team, but necessary ones.”

Klaus' calibration dashboard

Before Q (quality), Comes P (people)

Deliverect’s dedication to a well-structured approach is admirable, and what truly stands out is Christian’s continual emphasis on the collaborative efforts of their team.

Something that doesn’t come up enough when weighing between B2B solutions are the teams behind it. But B2B still means person to person. 

One final point Christian made regarding Zendesk QA is an observation we also see reflected in Deliverect: the importance of people in the equation.

“One of the things also why we love Zendesk QA is that we were able to establish a really good connection on a people level from the beginning. It starts there, right? We appreciate that two-way street we have now in our communication.”


If Deliverect’s approach to perfect customer service inspires you… 

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