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Call Center Quality Assurance Software for Ambitious Support Teams

Gain control over your contact center support quality with Klaus: listen to call recordings, find your team's areas of improvement, and provide constant feedback to encourage your agents to become better at what they do.

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Level up your call center quality

Reflect your quality standards

Build custom scorecards to assess support calls based on your internal quality criteria. Find gaps in your team's knowledge and address them with actionable feedback.
  • Automatic review assignments & goal setting
  • Root cause analysis
  • AI-powered smart filtering
A screenshot showing AI-powered quality management features in Klaus.

Immediately understand what leads to the best and worst customer outcomes

Internal Quality Score helps you measure and track your team's performance over time. Notice changes in your customer service quality and correct the course as necessary.
  • Performance reporting for comparing agents, teams, BPOs
  • AI-powered performance reporting & insights
A screenshot showing dashboards & analytics in Klaus.

Improve agent performance with data-driven coaching

Target weaknesses relevant to your team and encourage active learning.
  • Targeted coaching & analytics
  • Calibration
  • Pass rate analytics
  • Quizzes for learning management
Coaching & learning

Make every conversation better

  • Improve the quality of your call center
  • Boost customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS, CES)
  • Bring consistency into your support calls
  • Save 70% of the time spent on call center QA
Miguel from Glovo

How Glovo uses Klaus to Maintain High Quality Support across BPOs and Borders

"Klaus adapts to your needs and will simply make your life easier. It's given us easy access to control the information we share with the BPOs and reduced our average time per audit from 10 to 2 minutes."

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