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A New Name for a New Era

Customer service2 MIN READApr 15, 2024

Klaus is now Zendesk QA


As those of you who have followed our acquisition will know, Klaus joined the Zendesk family in February of this year. And as many of you will have anticipated, this means that the quality tool you know and love is being fully embraced by the Zendesk product family. 

We are now Zendesk QA.

Zendesk QA is a crucial building block of the Zendesk skyscraper, driving AI-powered Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), giving businesses an unparalleled solution for customer service quality and team efficiency. We’re excited about advancing our product to help modern, ambitious businesses everywhere realize the value of excellent customer service.

cat head does worky work

Our commitment to our existing customers remains unchanged! All our valued users who rely on various helpdesk platforms to communicate with customers will still be prioritized and supported. You can continue to rely on us for quality assurance that breaks through modern challenges to exceed customer expectations. 

What happens to Klaus the cat?

Klaus the Cat was adopted by founders Martin, Kair, and Egon in 2018 – but quickly came under the care of every Klaus employee (and many a user). For six years, he inhabited various offices around Tallinn, Estonia. As his popularity grew, he went on tour – spotted in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, even Vegas.

There is a sunny windowsill on which Klaus will now sit, gazing into the yellow orb in the sky, basking in a quality retirement. And you can rest assured that our team is still here to hold your paw through this exciting period if you have any questions. 


This is not furwell, we have just entered our artist formerly known as era!


Read more here: A message from the founders: Klaus is now part of the Zendesk family

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