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Surfboard and Klaus Team Up to Streamline Quality Assurance and Scheduling

Quality management5 MIN READMar 21, 2023


Klaus and Surfboard are now partners! Strengthen your customer service team with our bundled offer, combining the best scheduling software with the creme de la creme of quality management. 

By combining flexible scheduling with 360º quality assurance, support teams can enhance their efficiency, well-being, and ability to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Klaus and Surfboard’s overlap with those of our partners – we all aim to make customers happy. 

Cats usually aren’t so successful at water sports, but we think this time will be an exception.

Surfboard: A simpler, smarter and fairer team planning tool

Klaus: Support quality management with AI & automation

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Our partnership reflects our mutual commitment to being the best in our respective domains. We believe that excellent customer service teams are best served by specific tools that aim to excel, rather than a catch-all software that spreads its abilities too thin. 

Benefits of our bundle offering

Both Surfboard and Klaus offer fast onboarding and ROI. Neither the quality assurance nor the scheduling process are ones which can be effectively scaled when done manually. Our products help managers work smarter, not harder.

But enough from us. Over to one of our customers: 

Surfboard has truly benefited the organisation and also the well-being of my team. Now I know what you’re thinking, how can a schedule provide better well being for your employees … Because when you are a start-up, things can feel out of control and having a platform like Surfboard brings structure to my teams day and helps them feel more in control and ready to take on the day ahead – and the lovely playlist feature is a great addition!

As a company, we use Klaus to help us have a top-notch quality assurance programme. This platform is like none other and really fits in with our values and the way we want to treat our customers and employees. Klaus helps us make QA fun and engaging. Their additional features like Coaching for creating quizzes and analytics to track IQS and CSAT keep things clear and all information easily accessible. But not going to lie, my favourite part has got to be the cat puns!

Shannon Lavery
Shannon Lavery

Klaus for quality

Understand CSAT thoroughly with review data

Calculate IQS to understand the nuances of support performance. Boost response rates and written feedback with custom CSAT surveys. Compare both the qualitative and quantitative data to understand the key drivers behind customer satisfaction.


Use AI to achieve full coverage

Our 100% coverage includes customer sentiment analysis to tag positive and negative interactions. Filter to find the most complex conversations, critical to review. And eliminate blind spots with targeted reviewing.


Actionable, targeted coaching

Close the feedback loop with detailed feedback based on data to guide your team to excellence. Track progress and pinpoint areas of improvement – engage agents so that learning is rewarding.

Coaching insights

Analyze and understand performance

Compare quality across agents, teams, and BPOs, with custom reports and dashboards. See how improvement tracks from multiple perspectives. 

Surfboard for scheduling


Use your existing data to create perfect schedules and ensure customers are being served when and where they need you. Integrates with your existing systems (like Intercom & Dixa) and analyzes channel traffic.

Shift planning

Build multiple, personalized shift plans – taking into account round robin scheduling and time in lieu. It’s fast, flexible, and user-friendly. 

Shift pattern builder

Automated timezone management, color-coded shifts, grouped folders – this is your easy, simplified way to plan for multiple teams.


Have full control over your schedule’s appearance. Attractive and editable, you can also view in multiple timezones and add tags or flags to understand at a glance. All your surfers organizes in a single source of information.

If you’d like to see how Surfboard & Klaus can work together for your support team, get in touch

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