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Q&A w/ Rea Alducente: “Pure AI customer service should not be allowed”

Customer service3 MIN READAug 13, 2023


Rea Alducente is a rising star in the world of CS. Her YouTube Rea Ninja has 240,000 subscribers (and counting), where she creates videos about customer service, remote work, online jobs, career and personal development.

With a passion for creativity and a sharp business sense, her videos are a go-to for every customer service professional looking to level up in the field.

What one invention would make your work life easier?

A never-full and super lightweight hand carry luggage trolley. I travel a lot for work and leisure and don’t want to bring check-in luggage. The trolley itself already consumes a huge chunk of your baggage allowance.

 If there were no holds barred, what change would you make to customer service?

First – Perhaps not change because it’s already being done by some companies – but more on strengthening proactive customer service to the next level. 

I think companies should invest in better technology that will proactively reach out to customers or clients during the entire buyer journey, provide helpful information, and not just take action when there are already issues – and do these too without being spammy or intrusive.

Second – Purely AI customer service should not be allowed 😣 not having a real, well-trained human being to help resolve your issue is frustrating.

If AI is going to change the customer service industry monumentally, who do you think stands to benefit most, and why?

Companies – big and small. It’s not only going to reduce their costs or overhead, it will also make their customer service training efficient, and when developed properly, will help increase customer satisfaction. Hopefully, this will still be done with actual humans handling customer service.

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when nurturing a team?

Empathy – really understanding each other’s needs, strengths, weaknesses, and knowing how to bring out the best in everyone

What do you think is the most important lesson you’ve learned recently?

Focus only on the meaningful things in life – things that add value to the community or the world. Everything else is a distraction.

Which living person do you most admire?

My 12-year-old son, Reiko. Adults learning from kids? How amazing!

Which book, podcast, or newsletter are you enjoying right now?

  1. Think Media Podcast by Sean Cannell
  2. Girlboss Radio Podcast
  3. Do Nothing (Book by Celeste Headlee)

What part of your day do you look forward to most?

Mid-day walk because my brain gets to rest and I get some exercise, too.

End of work day when I finish all my tasks.

What’s your most-used word or phrase?

As in.

Who is your favorite cat?

Hello Kitty 🙂

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