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Quality Conversations: Hiring and supporting teams at scale with Inna Grynova, Head of Support at Shares

Podcasts3 MIN READJan 9, 2023

Klaus podcast with Inna from


As Head of Support at, an app that allows users to invest in stocks and crypto, Inna knows firsthand the demands of managing a customer service team. Picking her brain about the evolving world of customer support was a privilege for our customer service podcast hosts. 

A little more of what’s in store (or scroll down for the full ep):

Who is Inna? 

Inna and her team work to provide top-notch support while also staying up-to-date with the latest developments in fast-paced companies like Google, and now Shares. Few know that her first job was at McDonald’s. 

Who are Niclas and John?

Long ago, you would have found John toiling his way through a paper route, and Niclas testing wheelchairs for a startup. They now put their resourcefulness and determination to work in our sales team (and on our podcasts too).

Listen in for:

  • Reasons why training your customer service agents in product advocacy will improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Lessons Inna learned from Google, e.g. experimenting pays off.
  • Tips on being proactive to further your customer service career.


Takeaways from Inna about hiring customer service agents

  1. Hiring is partly about assessing intellectual capabilities. Because if you hire smart people, they’ll be able to make smart decisions. This is very important because you want to trust people. If you want to give this freedom to them, you need to trust that they’ll be making smart decisions, to know that they’ll be able to find any solution for the customer. 
  2. You need to hire slightly different people for different channels. If you are hiring people for chat support, you have a much wider audience of the potential candidates compared to when you’re hiring people for phone support. There are many people who are fluent when they’re typing but they might not be a good fit for the phone.
  3. Google’s approach is to hire overqualified people. I took exactly the same approach for Revolut and I will take exactly the same approach for Shares. It’s not about hiring just for the customer support specialist. We always look at how this person will make progress later on. ​​So in order for you to be able to scale, you need to keep the talent.

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