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Quality Conversations: Christian Osmundsen of Deliverect on being quality-focused in a scaleup

Podcasts3 MIN READOct 27, 2022


Listen in on another episode of Klaus’ Quality Conversations! We feature stories from companies and individuals going the extra mile to create exceptional customer experiences. Christian Osmundsen is undoubtedly one of those – Majorel, Netflix, and Deliverect have all benefited from his customer-centric approach. 

Don’t have time to listen to the whole thing now? 😮 It’s ok, scroll down to read the highlights instead. 

Who is Christian? 

Christian Osmundsen is Deliverect’s Global Head of Support. He likes workshops on beaches in Ibiza and dislikes driving blindfolded. 

Who are Niclas and John?

Niclas and John are two of Klaus’ conversational experts. At the time of writing one is in Vegas and the other in South Africa (we are trying to round them up).  

Listen in full if you want to know… 

  • How to tackle the need for speed (in response time, that is).
  • Why the time to switch to a dedicated QA tool has nothing to do with team size.
  • Whether or not quality and productivity are mutually exclusive.

Christian’s slices of cake for you to take away*

*Advice cake, not real cake

  1. Book a customer visit. Book a customer visit next week. You get so much valuable feedback – if you don’t get feedback for your team, maybe you’ll get amazing feedback for another team.
  2. I learned something working at Netflix – be yourself. As Oscar Wilde said, everyone else is taken. Just be true to yourself and be empathetic. I think if you can combine those, you can get very far.

Snippets from their chat

On the definition of support quality:

I see quality as a combination of how the business wants to be perceived and of the customer experience (getting what they need in the most convenient and low-effort way possible). If you can combine those, I think you have succeeded. It sounds easy, but it’s not!
Christian Osmundsen
Christian Osmundsen

On building a strong customer service team:

The whole point of a QA tool is that you are eliminating guesswork in every single area. You need to make sure you are training people in the right places and being scientific about it. Then you need to know that the training you’re providing is actually working and resonating with your staff.
John Cahill
John Cahill

On how not to crash and burn: 

Some people come to me when they have just two agents or are even just about to launch. And others have up to 150 agents and they’re still using spreadsheets. There are two mindsets. Either you do it right from the beginning, or you crash and burn – and only put money on it when it’s absolutely necessary to fix it. You might grow really fast, but if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re bound to mess up.
Niclas Jonsson
Niclas Jonsson

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