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Launching New CX Video Series: Fireside Chats with Klaus

Podcasts2 MIN READJun 30, 2020

Launching New CX Video Series: Fireside Chats with Klaus and Valentina


Welcome to our brand new video series, Fireside Chats, brought to you by our dynamic duo Klaus and Valentina, the Empress of Product at Klaus. Each 20-30 minute episode introduces global support leaders sharing insight into support life, software solutions, leadership, remote work, and – most importantly – how to deliver customer service of the highest quality.

You’ll walk away with actionable advice on how to improve your support team’s performance and create an uplifting company culture – all of this from experienced CX leaders like:

  • Stacy Justino, Director of Customer Happiness at Wistia,
  • Lauren Fearn, Senior Manager of Global Care Support at Zapier,
  • Andrea Badgley, Happiness Engineer at Automattic,
  • Emma McAllister, Head of Operations at Education Perfect,
  • Mara Vicente, VP of Customer Service at Pipedrive, and others.

Amazing customer service doesn’t just happen to companies – there are people, hard work, and smart strategies behind each and every success story. We wanted to hear those inspiring stories and share them with the global support community. That’s how Fireside Chats with Klaus and Valentina was born.

So, get comfy, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and tune into our first Fireside Chat.

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Written by

Merit Valdsalu
Merit is the content writer at Klaus - though most of her texts have probably been ghostwritten by her rescue cat Oskar.

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