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The Best Customer Service Blogs Of All Time

Customer service9 MIN READMay 31, 2023

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Customer service leaders and support professionals, welcome!

To assist you in your quest for higher customer satisfaction, wider customer service knowledge, and constant skill improvement, we have compiled a list of the best customer service blogs of all time. These blogs are brimming with valuable insights, practical tips, and a sprinkle of humor to keep you engaged and motivated.

If you’re trying to stay on top of the latest customer service trends and industry insights, you came to the right place.

The best customer service blogs 

  • Shep Hyken’s Blog
  • The Help Scout Blog
  • Adrian Swinscoe’s Blog
  • The Intercom Blog
  • Blake Morgan’s articles
  • The Zendesk Service Blog
  • The Experience Maker by Dan Gingiss
  • The HubSpot Customer Service Blog
  • CX Journey Blog by Annette Franz
  • Experience Investigators — articles by Jeannie Walters

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Shep Hyken’s Blog

From creating unforgettable customer experiences to building a rock-solid business reputation, Shep Hyken’s customer service blog has it all. Plus, unlike other support and other customer service blogs that promise the world but fall short, Shep’s site delivers real-life examples of game-changing customer service that actually works. Ideal for customer service pros and business owners alike, this blog is a treasure trove of practical customer service advice and ready-to-implement insights.

Shep Hyken - Customer Service Blog screenshot.

The Help Scout Blog

The Help Scout Blog is a must-read for all customer service teams. With a focus on customer support, the Help Scout blog covers practical how-to guides and features industry trends to help you become more customer-centric. There’s quite a lot of advice about building customer loyalty and trust, showing empathy, and engaging with your customers so they never even consider looking elsewhere and instead stay loyal to you. If you’re looking at ways to humanize your customer service, you’re likely to find it there.

HelpScout Customer Service Blog screenshot.

Adrian Swinscoe’s Blog

Adrian Swinscoe’s blog is a purrr-fect destination for customer service enthusiasts seeking thought-provoking and insightful content. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, Adrian and his guests share their expertise on a wide range of topics — including customer loyalty, employee engagement, and service culture. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of customer service and glean valuable insights from industry experts, Adrian Swinscoe’s blog is definitely worth a visit.

Adrian Swinscoe Customer Service Blog screenshot.

The Intercom Blog

The Intercom Blog covers a wide range of topics including support strategies, customer service team development, and career building. If you’re after engaging content and diverse perspectives inside customer service blog posts, look no further. The articles are engaging, well-researched, and packed with practical tips that can be easily implemented in real-world scenarios.

Intercom Customer Service Blog screenshot.

Blake Morgan’s articles

As a renowned customer experience expert and speaker, Blake shares her expertise on a wide range of topics related to customer success, employee engagement, and customer service teams. Whether you’re a customer support professional, business owner, or CX enthusiast, Blake Michelle Morgan’s articles provide expert commentary and customer service strategies you can take advantage of.

Blake Morgan Customer Service Blog screenshot.

The Zendesk Service Blog

The Zendesk Service blog is a hub of valuable resources and insights for customer service professionals. With a focus on making customer service about building relationships rather than mere transactions, it covers a wide range of topics including customer experience, customer support software, and the latest trends in the industry. It’s a go-to resource for everyone seeking to elevate their customer success game and stay informed about the latest developments in the customer service space.

Zendesk Customer Service Blog screenshot.

The Experience Maker by Dan Gingiss

This customer service blog is authored by Dan Gingiss, a renowned customer experience strategist and speaker. With a focus on real-world examples and relatable anecdotes, Dan’s articles cover a range of topics, including customer engagement, social media support, and creating memorable experiences. If you’re looking for customer service tips and strategies to implement, you’re likely to find them there.

Dan Gingiss Customer Service Blog screenshot.

The HubSpot Customer Service Blog 

The best thing about the HubSpot service blog is that it offers a huge range of different topics that are linked to customer service, some more closely than others. Need some examples? Real-life customer success stories, case studies, and buyer’s guides for customer service tools, just to name a few of the categories you can enjoy browsing through. By combining practical tips with industry stories, HubSpot can be the one place you need to go for all the advice and guidance when it comes to providing a great customer service experience. 

Hubspot Customer Service Blog screenshot.

CX Journey Blog by Annette Franz

The CX Journey Blog is one of the best customer service blogs for those passionate about exceptional support. Written by Annette Franz, this online destination offers a unique perspective on building a customer-centric culture and capturing the voice of the customer. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the field, CX Journey offers a valuable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of customer experience and drive meaningful change within their organization.

CX Journey Customer Service Blog screenshot.

Experience Investigators — articles by Jeannie Walters

Experience Investigators offers a wide range of articles that delve into the customer support world, providing insights, strategies, and best practices. From practical growth tips to innovative approaches, this customer service blog has got you covered. If you’re looking to enhance your understanding of customer experience and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, the Experience Investigators’ articles are a fantastic resource to explore.

Experience Investigators - Customer Service Blog screenshot.

Which are your favorite customer service blogs?  

Customer service professionals, rejoice! You now have a curated list of the best customer service blogs to explore.

From Shep Hyken’s insightful blog to Experience Investigators’ treasure trove of practical advice, these blogs offer a wealth of knowledge, customer service tools, and industry insights to help you stay in the know. They all provide unique perspectives and valuable resources for your customer service career-building.

So, dive into these blogs, soak up the wisdom, and elevate your customer service game to new heights in 2023 and beyond!

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