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New In: Talkdesk and Klaus Integration

Nov 16, 2021
You can now pull customer conversations from Talkdesk into Klaus to review, provide feedback and improve your customer support quality.
Talkdesk Klaus integration

A robust contact center platform helps streamline your customer service across channels. 

When you combine that with the right support quality management platform, you’ll be delivering customer experiences that your competitors can only dream of.

The Talkdesk and Klaus integration is a meow-rriage made in heaven.

You can now seamlessly pull customer conversations from Talkdesk into Klaus and:

  • identify issues as they arise,
  • get actionable metrics to track support quality,
  • provide training and feedback based on actual conversations.

All while saving time and boosting your efficiency metrics! 

If you aren’t sold already, take a closer look at how the Talkdesk-Klaus partnership can help you transform your contact center support quality. 

Talkdesk: The #1 cloud contact center for delivering amazing customer experiences 

Talkdesk is an end-to-end contact center solution that has everything you need to leverage customer experience as a competitive edge. It can help your business improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously maximizing operational efficiency and reducing customer support costs.

Talkdesk has once again been named a Leader in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for CCaaS and serves 1,800 customers across 75 countries. 

Talkdesk-Klaus integration

Here’s why these companies choose Talkdesk as their contact center solution to deliver an unmatched customer experience: 

  • Customizable voice features: Talkdesk helps you maximize caller satisfaction with exceptional call quality and intelligent routing. You can design call flows with ease and empower admins with flexible ACD and IVR workflows. The look, feel and functionality can be completely personalized to reflect your brand and customer service journey. 
  • Omnichannel support: Meet your customers wherever they are and provide support across multiple channels like SMS, live chat, email, and social media.

    Talkdesk’s unified interface allows your agents to move seamlessly across channels within a single interaction while having easy access to customer profile information, empowering your team to deliver responsive and personalized support at scale.

  • Powerful data and analytics: ​​Leverage real-time performance dashboards, business intelligence, and customer feedback surveys to improve contact center operations and increase customer satisfaction.

    Talkdesk’s powerful business intelligence tool comes with flexible filtering, scheduling, and customization options, giving you a 360-degree view of your contact center performance.

  • Automation and AI: With Talkdesk, you can infuse your contact center with the power of artificial intelligence.

    Service your customers 24/7 with an intelligent assistant or empower agents with guidance that recommends the next best actions to quickly resolve customer issues. You can even help customers help themselves with an AI-powered self-service knowledge base. 

Talkdesk is an easy-to-use and reliable contact center platform that’s loaded with features. What’s more? They have integrations with a suite of industry-leading apps that’ll help you further improve agent productivity and the customer experiences you deliver. 

And speaking of awesome integrations…

Klaus: The conversation review tool to improve customer service quality

Klaus is a support quality management platform that makes monitoring contact center activity easy, intuitive, and systematic. 

You can listen to call recordings, find your team’s areas where improvement is needed, and provide constant feedback to encourage your agents to become better at what they do. 

Here is why Klaus has become a must-have for support teams trying to boost their customer service quality: 

  • Customizable scorecards: Track the quality criteria most important to you (using Internal Quality Score) based on your unique vision of a perfect support interaction with customizable scorecards.

    Plus, you can create as many scorecards as you’d like. So, if you’re working with multiple teams or support channels, you can create a separate rubric for each. Add the rating criteria that make sense and track quality in as much detail as necessary.

  • Instant review samples: Klaus pulls in conversations automatically from your helpdesk. Plus the browser extension allows you to grade conversations wherever they happen. No manual copy-pasting of ticket data means saving a good few hours every week.

    Furthermore, with advanced filtering options, you can find the specific cases you’re looking for – e.g., those that took several responses to solve, those that received a negative rating from your customers, or the most complex interactions, etc.

  • Quality metrics dashboard: Track your support team’s performance over time, see which aspect of communication they’re struggling with the most, and zoom into specific agents’ quality scores. You’ve got a full overview of how your team performs against your quality standards.

    Klaus’ quality dashboard makes reporting ridiculously easy, too. All the efforts you put into training and coaching can now easily be seen reflected in your team’s performance.

How to track IQS

  • Automatic notifications: Slack and email notifications make sure that none of your agents ever miss a single piece of their feedback.

    Learning where they can improve their ticket-solving skills is the only way your team can become better at what they do. Automatic notifications go a long way in making sure your agents get the feedback they need in a timely manner.

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Talkdesk + Klaus: A Fur-midable Partnership to Transform Your Contact Center Quality

What happens when two top customer-obsessed companies join forces? Purr-magic! 

How to connect your Talkdesk account with Klaus

  1. Sign in to your Klaus account or create one if you don’t have one already (comes with a 14-day free trial, no strings attached).
  2. Connect your account with Klaus using your Talkdesk subdomain and API key.
  3. Create your quality scorecard: define your criteria in rating categories and accompany them with a suitable rating scale.
  4. Invite your team members to the Klaus party! We’ve already pulled the list of your team members over from your Talkdesk account, all you have to do is decide who gets to be the reviewers, agents, and admins of your account.
  5. Start reviewing conversations and track your team’s progress in the quality dashboard.

And you’re done! 

You’ve built yourself a scalable way of assessing your support team’s performance and providing feedback to your agents with no unnecessary hassle. 

We’re thrilled to add Talkdesk into our extended family connected through native integrations, as well as play our part in helping you take your contact center support quality to the next level.


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