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Customer Service Metrics Handbook

Tracking the right customer service metrics is the key to building a successful support organization. That's why we teamed up with Zendesk and experienced support leaders to create a comprehensive 35-page handbook that guides you through the essentials of support metrics.


Customer Service Metrics Handbook

To anyone outside of support, it might seem like running a support team is easy. However, the inner-workings of support can be incredibly intricate and stressful. Things get even more complex if you have a large support team and you’re starting to scale your strategy.

This ebook is designed to introduce you to some of the top team and company metrics that you can use to set goals for your team and move everyone forward.

What you’ll learn?
  • What are the key customer support metrics (CSAT, NPS, Internal Quality Score, Conversation Volume, First Response Time, etc.);
  • Which support KPIs to focus on as a team and on the company level – and why;
  • How to use this data at a fast-growing organization or, in other words, how to scale your support and maintain your service quality.

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