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Introducing a new content series: Support -> Start-up

Customer service1 MIN READNov 15, 2018

Introducing a new content series: Support -> Start-up

Ever wonder what it would be like to take that support-related business idea and make it a reality? Where does one even start?

This a new show for the support community, hosted by Martin Kõiva (co-founder of Klaus) and Scott Tran (founder of Support Driven). They’ll be covering topics such as…

  • what becoming an entrepreneur entails for somebody with a support background
  • figuring out what the “right” idea is for your project or business
  • how to deal with the uncertainty of leaving a steady day job
  • the good, the bad, the ugly of start-up life
  • [insert your suggestion for an episode here]

Watch EPISODE 1 here.

Written by

Merit Valdsalu
Merit is the content writer at Klaus - though most of her texts have probably been ghostwritten by her rescue cat Oskar.

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