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Support → Start-up, 5: What’s Success and Failure in a Start-up?

Customer service1 MIN READMar 18, 2019

This time, we’re discussing how to keep a good balance between celebrating success and handling stress in a start-up. Let’s see why does it often feel like a river rafting adventure, and who gets to travel on a cruise ship.

In this episode:

  • How is success different for a founder and an employee?
  • How to become used to not having control?
  • Should you celebrate small successes or remain balanced?
  • Are you capable of handling the responsibility?

Support -> Start-up is a content series for the support community, hosted by Martin Kõiva (co-founder of Klaus) and Scott Tran (founder of Support Driven), where they discuss what it’s like to start and run a company with a background in customer support.

Check out the introduction video to the series here.

Written by

Merit Valdsalu
Merit is the content writer at Klaus - though most of her texts have probably been ghostwritten by her rescue cat Oskar.

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