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First Response Time in Customer Service [Stats Infographic]

Customer service2 MIN READNov 30, 2018

First Response Time in Customer Service [Stats Infographic]

First Response Time indicates how long your customers have to wait before getting a response to their inquiry. Our infographic gives an overview of how FRT affects support across customer service channels.

Take a look at the response times people expect from customer service to understand which are the most reasonable support channels for your company.

Response time for phone support should be less than 3 minutes

If you provide customer service over the phone, make sure your agents pick up in less than 3 minutes. If you have considerably longer waiting times, consider using callback software.

Respond within an hour to social media customer service requests

Respond to your customers within an hour to avoid rants on social media. Public negative feedback is something you probably don’t want for your company.

Live chat support first response time averages to 1 minute 36 seconds

Live chat is a very convenient way of contacting companies. To make sure you don’t disappoint those reaching out to you, reply within 1 min and 36 seconds. 92% CSAT guaranteed.

Respond to customer emails within 24 hours

Email is still one of the most used means of communication in customer support. Reply within a day and most of your customers will be happy with your service.

Take these statistics into account when picking channels for your customer support. Think about how your customers would like to reach out to you. Then calculate if you’ve got the resources to meet your customers’ expectations for FRT.

First Response Time is one of the most important metrics to track for your customer service. FRT should be one of the many support metrics you track. However, to get full insight into how your team is doing, make sure you combine quantitative metrics with qualitative analysis like conversation reviews.

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