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Customer Service on Steroids with the Dixa and Klaus Integration

Product updates5 MIN READAug 25, 2020


Delivering outstanding customer experiences has never been easier – especially now that we’re introducing the new native Dixa and Klaus integration.

Everything you need for seamless customer care is now available for you, hassle-free:

  • Dixa’s helpdesk solution brings all your support channels (yes, WhatsApp, too) into a single powerful and highly customizable platform;
  • Klaus pulls all your customer interactions in for internal quality reviews and improves support quality through systematic agent feedback.

Connect your Dixa account with Klaus with the new integration to switch on the automagic way of reviewing your team’s support conversations.

Want to learn more? Here’s what Dixa and Klaus are all about.


Better, faster, stronger, Dixa

There are hundreds of reasons why customers love Dixa. This helpdesk solution offers such a versatile palette of functionalities that companies of all sizes and industries trust Dixa with their support interactions.

Here are three main reasons why customer service teams choose Dixa:

  • Availability on all platforms: email, chat, voice, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS – Dixa has it all. Talk to your customers on any channel they prefer and manage all those interactions directly from your unified helpdesk.
  • Prioritization flows: send the most important customer requests to your most qualified agents automatically. Context-based routing and easy-to-use flow builders help you prioritize your support conversations based on your individual business needs.
  • Customer data aggregation: present customer data to your agents right next to their open tickets. Dixa has integrations with the most popular CRMs as well as other tools that provide the information your agents need to deliver personalized customer experiences.

First and foremost, Dixa helps companies boost their customer-facing interactions by making support fast and efficient. Aren’t these exactly the qualities that you look for when managing your support queues?

 Dixa is already helping companies in food tech, e-commerce, retail, fintech, travel, and many other industries.


Klaus, the pioneer of support quality

Klaus is a support QA and conversation review tool that helps support teams improve their responses. Internal ticket reviews are essential to all quality-oriented businesses aiming to deliver consistent and high-quality customer experiences.

Klaus integrates with Dixa and helps you build systematic feedback processes with the help of the following functionalities:

  • Ticket synchronization: pull tickets automatically into Klaus for internal reviews. Save hours on copy-pasting data manually from one place to another.
  • Advanced filtering: find tickets that need your immediate attention, or sort out interactions that you’d like to discuss in 1:1 meetings in a matter of seconds.
  • Custom scorecards: use rating categories that reflect your customer service goals and quality standards; pair them with a suitable rating scale of your choice.
  • Slack notifications: sleep easy because you know that agents receive notifications every time they receive feedback on their performance, and will never miss this valuable information.
  • Quality dashboard: track your agents’ performance over time, find your team’s weak spots, zoom into individual achievements, and notice any drops in quality right when they happen.

A proper QA program is the only way your support team can learn how to up their game. Finding agents’ areas of improvement and giving feedback on how to do better next time will help your team improve their performance on a daily basis.

? Companies like AutomatticPandaDocWistiaDreemGeckoboard, and Education Perfect are already boosting their support quality with Klaus.


Match made in heaven: Dixa + Klaus

The brand new Dixa-Klaus integration makes setting up a systematic internal quality review program for your customer service team ridiculously easy. In just a few clicks, you’ll have all your support conversations ready for QA.

Here’s how to set up conversation reviews for your Dixa tickets in Klaus:

  1. Sign in to your Klaus account or create a new one. Klaus comes with a 14-day free trial; try it out with no strings attached.
  2. Add your Dixa connection. All you need is your Dixa’s subdomain ( and API key.
  3. Create your scorecard. Choose the rating scale for your rubric and define your quality criteria in rating categories.
  4. Assign reviewers, agents, and other roles. Your team members list is automatically pulled in from your Dixa account; choose whom to invite to review conversations in Klaus.
  5. Get going with conversation reviews. Rate your first conversations, define review goals, and track your team’s progress in the quality dashboard.
    Read more about how to get started with Klaus here.

Read on: FAQ: Customer Service Quality

That was easy, wasn’t it? We at Klaus and Dixa believe in software solutions that are easy to use but make a powerful impact. That’s why our native integration was meant to be all along.

Quality Tribe Community

If you run into any problems or have any questions about how to set up a successful QA program for your team, head over to our online CX community Quality Tribe. We’ve got loads of a-meow-zing CX leaders there, ready to share their experiences with you.

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