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Klaus’ CSAT Has Entered the Chat

Product updates4 MIN READJun 28, 2022

Klaus' CSAT enters the chat

There’s no doubt that CSAT is one of the most effective ways to measure how satisfied your customers are with your services. 

When collected and analyzed correctly, it provides great insights into your customers and helps you discover possible improvement areas.

However, when it comes to collecting feedback from your customers, timing is everything. 

Doing it at the right time, when the emotion and memory of the interaction are still fresh, is key to boosting response rates and receiving more insightful feedback. 

Introducing: Klaus’ CSAT for Intercom messenger 😻

Seize the moment with your favorite cat and: 

  • Send out unique, customized surveys that reflect your brand
  • Allow customers to easily give feedback directly from the Intercom chat window
  • Track results, combine with IQS, and understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction

💡 CSAT remains the most important KPI for 75% of customer service leaders.

Show off your unique purr-sonality with customized surveys

Many helpdesk platforms offer built-in CSAT surveys. However, all too often, they are templatized and don’t give you the opportunity to let your brand’s distinct character shine through. 

Klaus’ CSAT solution makes it easy to stand out from the crowd by allowing you to purr-sonalize every aspect of your CSAT surveys! This includes custom messaging, rating scales, and more – even when sent out through the Intercom messenger! 

Klaus' customizable CSAT survey

Let our robot cats do the heavy lifting 

Your CSAT scores give you a good understanding of how happy your customers are with your service. However, the most insightful part about why a particular score was given often lies in the written feedback. 

Our updated CSAT dashboard helps you dig deeper into data and analyze what truly drives customer satisfaction. 

Understand in detail how your performance changes over time and discover potential improvement areas – split by channel, source, helpdesk tags, or CSAT reason. 

Klaus' AI-powered CSAT dashboard

Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of Klaus’ out-of-the-box AI solution that automatically allocates written feedback into pre-defined categories. This means you now have a quick, scalable way to understand what type of CSAT comments impact your performance the most. 

Basically, you get to take the man out of the manual and save your thinking cat for the more complex tasks that really need your attention.

Meow-rry CSAT with your IQS 

Whether you use Klaus’ CSAT solution or a third-party tool, the results are invaluable for spotting learning opportunities and comprehending how happy your customers are with your service. 

However, relying only on CSAT scores to measure support quality can be a slippery slope.

10% support teams track IQS Internal Quality Score

You’ll often find customers disappointed with other user experiences that are out of the agent’s control or conflate feedback about product and pricing with CSAT.  Things that don’t reflect the quality of support you provide!

Combining CSAT with your IQS (Internal Quality Score) is the best way to get a truly balanced and representative view of your support performance. 

Read more: 53% of customer service teams with a QA program use reviews to track their IQS.

What’s more? This process will also allow you to identify problematic areas of your product and underperforming agents or channels. 

From there, you can dive deeper into these specific conversations to better understand the causes of customer dissatisfaction and then address these issues by providing your agents with the relevant feedback, training, and coaching. 

The entire purr-cess from start to finish on one single tab! 

3 Ways to Improve CSAT Immediately

Chat’s all folks!

With Klaus’ CSAT for Intercom, you’re maximizing your chances of getting insightful customer feedback by giving your customers a simple way to respond to your timely, personalized surveys.

Feedback which you can then break down and analyze, like never before with the power of AI, to improve the quality of your support. From chat to high CSAT, all from one single dashboard!

Written by

Anne-Maria Krüünvald
When not working on all things product marketing, Anne-Maria spends her time out in nature, doing (winter) sports and finding ways how her darling dachshund Milvi can become the next mascot for Klaus.

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