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Why Conversation Reviews are Essential to Your Customer Service Strategy

Quality assurance4 MIN READJan 14, 2022

Customer Service Quality Assurance: Why We Don’t Call It QA


If you’re serious about improving your customer service quality, you need to incorporate reviews into your customer service strategy.

Customer service quality assurance is the phrase coined by purrfessionals to describe the entire review process. Quality is the aim. Measuring support team performance against internal standards … is the game. 

There’s a lot that goes into the QA process – you don’t just review customer interactions for the sake of ticking boxes. Your customer service strategy should bring your team to a high standard – a standard not defined by your customer, but by you. 

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Empowering not spying

Quality assurance isn’t somebody standing in a call center, looking over the employees’ shoulders to make sure that everything works like a clockwork. The clock ticks along just fine without micromanagement.

Conversation reviews are about giving constructive feedback. Mostly, it’s done in the form of peer-reviews, but self-reviews and manager reviews can be just as effective.

Conducting systematic and well-structured customer support reviews helps agents become better at what they’re doing. Different aspects of the communication – such as product knowledge, empathy, grammar – should be rated separately.

For example, a conversation review would notice if an agent displays excellent product knowledge, but interacts in a cold or rude manner.

Proper interaction reviews do not just label agent replies as good or bad but provide useful information that identifies areas of improvement. If your review program is tight, your customer service strategy will succeed.

Customer Service Quality Assurance Software Klaus

Fueling growth with feedback

Quality assurance, in the form of somebody standing next to you with a clipboard, watching your every move and taking notes, can sound intimidating. On the contrary, reviews can boost team morale.

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Most tickets are usually handled OK and never make it to the extreme QA lists. Instead of focusing on the best or the worst, interaction reviews take a look at all tickets or samples of them.

“That’s fine, continue” is great feedback. Letting agents know that they are doing everything right can go a long way in motivating people.

Aim your customer service strategy towards providing meaningful feedback and seeks to praise or improve. It shouldn’t target blame on the bad.

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Onboarding top performers

Interaction reviews are not just a means of providing quality. Proper conversation reviews play an essential role in successful training and onboarding programs.

There’s no better way to help new agents learn than by allowing them to talk to the customers and providing feedback as they go.

Read about how Livestorm takes a unique approach with Klaus reviews to successfully onboard new agents.

Reviews during training are not about finding the mistakes your agents are doing. It’s about providing feedback that helps your team grow.

Customer Service Quality Assurance Software Klaus

So, to review!

See what we did there?

We are obsessed with the quality of customer support, and know that reviewing is an integral part of providing top quality customer service. Strategically, it serves both company and customer.

If you implement conversation reviews, your customer service strategy will be succcessful. That’s a promise.

If meeting customer expectations is within your customer service strategy for 2022, we have some more catnip for you: Help Scout’s Fast Food vs Fine Dining will have you hungry for more. 

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