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Coaching Sessions with Klaus – Get Behind the Wheel

Coaching3 MIN READFeb 10, 2022

Klaus coaching sessions

Coaching a team to excellence is a scattered affair for customer service leaders. Even if you have an orderly QA review program (with a tool like Klaus!), tracking individual support rep performance takes some organization. 

Better training is a priority for 46% of support leaders, who believe it will help their teams meet customer expectations.

For specified coaching, you first have to filter through tickets, then retrieve past feedback information to locate action points, before sifting through purrformance metrics to decipher progress. Repeat ad nauseam for each team member.

Coaching Sessions combines all the information you need for coaching into one place. ✨  

A single point of reference for every coach & coachee:

  • Track past sessions & feedback
  • See agent’s IQS, CSAT, category ratings, quiz results & pinned conversations
  • Assign tasks & view progress
This feature is available for our Professional and Advanced users. Chat to us for more info.

Dashboard dreams

In Henry Ford’s 1909 Model T, a speedometer was an optional extra. The Model T’s max speed was 40 mph (65kph).

Tesla’s customizable dashboard displays your vehicle’s surroundings, driving distance available, energy gained through regenerative braking, and more. Tesla’s max speed is 200 mph (320 kph).

When it comes to performance, chances are your team is stuck somewhere between these extremes. 

You know coaching will bring your teams up to speed. Improvement isn’t an optional extra, but investing in state-of-the-art training grounds isn’t feasible either. 

You need the right dashboard – to see performance, goal adherence, potential dangers, and action points. 

Connect the dots

Customer service team coaching

For coaches: 

If you’re a manager, team lead, or QA specialist, you can: 

  • View coaching history
  • Use pinned conversations to specify examples and real-time metrics to evaluate performance
  • Identify which agents to coach
  • Document feedback sessions
  • Assign action items and quizzes for agent/s
Check out our tips for managers on how to have great 1:1s with your support team

For coachees:

  • View coaching history
  • Track your progress through real-time metrics
  • Take private notes to make the most of feedback sessions
  • Complete assigned quizzes and action points

Close the loop

Feedback is a crucial stage in your QA program. Conducting reviews is all fine & well, but if you’re not using the information to improve team performance, it defeats the purpose.

Klaus’ Coaching Sessions combines all the data and functionality you need to build a team of expurrts.

Agent improvement cycle

More on customer service coaching…

  • Feedback techniques
  • Training advice
  • Support leader wisdom

    … can all be found in the customer service coaching section of our blog. 

More coaching features:

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Written by

Grace Cartwright
Grace is perpetually working on a self-help book entitled ’Where Did I Put My Keys?’. In her free time, she writes for Klaus.

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